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    Twenty unit modular piece. Approx 40cm diameter.

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    1. monoestudio 68 months ago | reply

      Hey, is incredible your job! You use only hands for cutting or a plotter?

    2. Amelia-Fair 64 months ago | reply

      These really are extraordinarily clever.

    3. steffi's 63 months ago | reply

      what an amazing work ... great

    4. nekkoart 61 months ago | reply


      I've fell in love with this marvelous creation!

      Greatings from Portugal!


    5. ksalonsweetly 61 months ago | reply

      20 units? Usually such shape contains 30...
      I should make it)

    6. nekkoart 61 months ago | reply

      yes 30 units is when a unit is composed by two tips. I think these units have 3 tips....

    7. ksalonsweetly 61 months ago | reply

      You're totally right! Didn't figure this out)

    8. OrigamiFanPete 61 months ago | reply

      wow! that is something!

    9. Kombizz 56 months ago | reply

      SIMPLY Great

    10. A Mosaic of Musings 54 months ago | reply

      Amazing! Great work of art.

    11. gakudesign 49 months ago | reply


    12. spring ♣ 45 months ago | reply

      wow~I saw the same lighting!!!

    13. Jessup 44 months ago | reply

      Hi! Recently I saw a lamp looks like your work in Taiwan(Taipei biggest bookstore), than I ask the staff who is the lamp desingner? I think maybe it's you. They give me a Taiwan's company"Yantouch".
      It's also sold to the other countries. If they violate your copyright, you need to watch out.
      Really appreciate your creative and beautiful art work.

    14. ksalonsweetly 28 months ago | reply

      Can u please remind me how many modules in here? Just forgot it...
      Want to make this great model again)

    15. Yuuji W. 23 months ago | reply

      Most impressive! Very nice work!

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