92 year old Daring Fireball (almost)

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    Los Angeles, California. Tomorrow my mother will be 92 and one of the things she wanted for her birthday was a new "uber-geek" t-shirt. What better t-shirt for a die-hard Mac user than a DF* classic. None of her contemporaries know that the heck it means but any serious Mac user who sees her will. Of course if they ask her who Gruber's "jackass of the week" is she'll say "George Bush" and get off easy.

    *Daring Fireball daringfireball.net/ is the definitive site for those of us who follow all things Macintosh on the technical side and it's written and published by John Gruber. My mother can barely use her Mac let alone differentiate between 6 and 8 bit video so she can't join the class action.

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    1. Toughboy 96 months ago | reply

      go Mrs Richard's Mom go!..

      we adore you.. hope to see your grey Apple shirt next time :)

    2. Patrick Houlihan 96 months ago | reply

      What a great post!!! Happy birthday to your mom, Richard. And now I know what I'm going to want on my 92nd birthday...thanks for the idea.

    3. Richard- 96 months ago | reply

      Thanks all, and my "mum" thanks you too.

      Toughboy: I'll see if I can arrange an Apple shirt tonight, she has many.

      Patrick: A t-shirt? How about a lens or two? ;)

    4. Patrick Houlihan 96 months ago | reply

      hmmm....how about the shirt for my 92nd and a lens or two for a earlier birthday?

    5. Mr Inky 96 months ago | reply

      Happy Birthday to your mom, Richard!

    6. fwanderman 96 months ago | reply

      Dear Friends,

      Thanx for all the good wishes!!

      Best of all - I passed my driver's test for 2 years

    7. Photochiel 96 months ago | reply

      I hope I can still sit behind my powerbook when I'm that age. Give your mother my regards and best wishes, Richard.

    8. Richard- 96 months ago | reply

      Photochiel: I wonder what computers will be like when you're 92? I doubt you'll be sitting behind them. They might be implants by then...

    9. fwanderman 96 months ago | reply

      Dear John Gruber,

      Thank you - from a grateful old DARING FIREBALL1111
      I love my t-shirt.

    10. Dilip Muralidaran 96 months ago | reply

      Wow, that is one super charged mother you have richard. I second chris completely minus the trojans and the problems with PC though. I dont let them get me. :-) Just like your mom, rocking and rollin on da PC.

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    11. *Focus 96 months ago | reply

      Happy Birthday!

    12. Richard- 96 months ago | reply

      Dilip: My mother would have chosen a Mac even if I were a PC guy. She loves the romance of Apple and Jobs and the design and all of it. Always has.

      Thanks justinandaidan.

    13. Trois Têtes (TT) 96 months ago | reply

      Great shot and story Richard
      Your mum is an inspiration, I hope I am still open to new ideas at anything like 92

    14. Richard- 96 months ago | reply

      TT: Yes, living that long will be interesting... I'll be 92 in 37 years. What will Apple be introducing in 37 years? Will I care?

    15. smiles-of-karli 93 months ago | reply

      probably the most hip 92 year old woman on earth and i love it.

    16. Richard- 93 months ago | reply

      Smiles: Not sure how hip she is but she does love all things Apple and she's a great one for sending dirty jokes around to her old buddies via gmail. Thanks.

    17. smiles-of-karli 93 months ago | reply

      that still sounds pretty amazing to me :)

    18. carlosluis 92 months ago | reply

      I love it. I have 5 DF shirts!

    19. fon wlan 89 months ago | reply

      great picture, i love it.
      Star Star Star Star Star

    20. MissJewell's account will be deleted soon [deleted] 87 months ago | reply

      :)))) she's sooo special!! :)))

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