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Ladybug on MacBook Pro

Warren, Connecticut. A few days ago, early in the morning, while walking with coffee in one hand and this computer in the other, I tripped over a box and went flying. You can read the gory details here if you like.


I back up my computer every day with a great product called SuperDuper! and I had a backup of my computers hard disk which got jarred out of working alignment in the fall. Last night I used a second external hard disk to back up my backup again using SuperDuper! and while I wait for a new internal hard disk which I'll put in on Wednesday, at least I have a working machine and a backup of it's data. Life, while not perfect, is good.


While making the backup of the backup last night, a good luck ladybug landed on the bezel of the MacBook Pro screen and proceeded to walk up one side, across the top, down the other side, out onto the firewire cable and onto the working external hard disk, then back the same way onto the screen, as if to okay and bless this process. Eventually she just sat there looking at me, sort of like my old friend the jumping spider (who's around but shy these days).


Bottom line: my wife still loves me, I'm not hurt, and I have my data (although not my dignity). I even made a new friend (the ladybug). I can't complain.

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Taken on December 17, 2006