Totemic Honey Dipper

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    Warren, Connecticut. We were in a mall yesterday looking for a birthday present for the grandkid and after drooling in the Apple Store I wandered into Williams Sanoma, a high end cooking tools store. I wanted to buy everything, but having all of that stuff means someone actually has to cook with it. Perish the thought.

    We eat very little honey and don't keep it in a "pot" that would accommodate a honey dipper like this but I liked the look of this thing anyway, it's quite photogenic, sort of like a totem.

    Anne rolled her eyes as I bought it.

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    1. bitzi ☂ ion-bogdan dumitrescu 86 months ago | reply

      ha! excelent

      Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

    2. Jonne Naarala 86 months ago | reply

      Great, Richard! I especially love that "eye rolling" effect it has.

    3. JonnyMoss 86 months ago | reply

      Mmmm honey! Funnily enough, I just bought some today for my cereal!
      The stirrer has got a great shape.

    4. mathteacher... 86 months ago | reply

      & what fun it is to cook with honey!!! This fits you perfectly, Richard. I approve!!

    5. Ari Hahn 86 months ago | reply

      A honey dipper from WS? Wow.
      We have a few of these things. That's because we only use it once a year. So if it is misplaced it only cost $1 to replace. I can't imagine anything in WS going for one dollar. Hey, but for a prop.... It certainly lasts longer than beer.

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    6. Dilip Muralidaran 86 months ago | reply

      wow, looks like some lazer gun from an alien spaceship!

    7. greg.newman 86 months ago | reply

      Left a post on your blog about this R. Fantastic shot.
      I'd like to see the setup you had when you took this. The lighting is excellent!

    8. Richard- 86 months ago | reply

      Ari: they have lots of small stuff there too, not just $100 bowls and $2000 coffee presses. This was more than a dollar although not much more. Now I can't remember.

      Greg, this is reposted here from my blog:

      White laminate Ikea table
      White wall behind
      Skylight off the upper right corner

      135mm f/2 lens about 3' away from dipper, wall about 2' behind it. Tripod of course.

      That's it. The light is natural (always a plus) and the corner where the table meets the wall is wiped out by the shallow dof of the fast lens. Quite a simple shot, actually. Give it a go, it's fun.

    9. osiatynska 86 months ago | reply

      Beautifully observed. I am a cooking buff and gadget freak, yet I confess I've never marveled at the simple beauty and strength of one of these. Thanks for that!
      [seen on interestingness]

    10. rdng tchr 86 months ago | reply

      It's a great little gadget...I do have a honey jar and these are the best way to get the honey out and into my tea. =) You've captured a shot worthy of the WS catalog!

    11. scubapup 86 months ago | reply

      ive only seen winnie the pooh use one hehe :)

    12. Richard- 86 months ago | reply

      ailatan: You're welcome. It's fun to look at familiar things in new ways.

      rdng tchr: Oh my, the WS catalog. I've seen it, that's high praise indeed. Thanks.

      Lenny: Does winnie use one? It thought he used his paw?

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