Bald Eagle portrait (c)

Bald Eagle portrait taken at the Hawk Conservancy in the uk. The Eagle was sitting outside on his perch but in very bright mid afternoon sun. 2 hours later though clouds came over and the light dimmed dramatically. We went back to the Eagles and after 5 minutes this same one flew out to his closest perch, I was snapping away and after about 15 minutes one of the keepers started bringing all the birds in for the day . Everytime he came to go past this Eagle would call out, I managed to get loads of head on shots and slight angle shots of this but one time and one time only he turned off to the side and I got the shot I wanted - a portrait that hints at the powerful nature of these birds but also shows off their elegance too. It made the whole day worthwhile!

D200, 200-400 VR


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Taken on November 11, 2006