338/365 - Multitude of Errors

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    1. The weather was forecast to be crystal clear skies this evening, which didn't turn out to be quite true.

    2. The built in intervalometer on my D7000 stopped after just a few images (again) for some unknown reason, I need to look into that.

    3. Someone called the police who thought we were stealing from boats! I was using my Petzl head torch to light the boathouse in the foreground (which also didn't work well, I'll take a speedlite next time).

    We were honoured by the presence of 5 police officers and 3 police vehicles.

    They were really nice once they realised what I'd been doing and one of them was a keen photographer which helped!

    I plan to go back to this location and hopefully get this right and give the local constabulary a quick call first to let them know that I'll be there!

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    1. *ChiChi* 31 months ago | reply

      It looks like a perfect shot to me! I like the varying colors in the sky. And thank you for the laugh about the police escort!

    2. _SG_ 31 months ago | reply

      simply wonderful shot

      Seen in some comments. (?)

    3. Nick Stewart2 31 months ago | reply

      Still a great result. You should have done a quick group shot!

    4. peterwoelwer 31 months ago | reply

      Great result! What a story ("Someone called the police" OMG!)!

    5. AT.Photography 31 months ago | reply

      Even though you are not very satisfied on this photo, but I can tell you this really a great shot~

    6. BlueisCoool 31 months ago | reply

      What a great capture esp considering what you had to go through to get it - congrats !

    7. Joe stockdale 31 months ago | reply

      Stunning! Love the exposure gap, looks like a load of flying '!'s or even footsteps

    8. willowboo 29 months ago | reply

      Yes stunning photo, Thanks for the mention. I will show it to the others who 'checked' you that night, when you emerged on to the road!

    9. Richard Berry Photography 29 months ago | reply

      Far and away the best comment yet on Flickr!

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