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42 of 100 - Deborah

I was walking down to the river with my daughter in the snow today to see if we could spot the otters.


While we were walking through the church grounds I spotted someone kind of hiding under a tree!


It turned out to be someone taking some snaps on a compact camera. I stopped to say hi and as we were chatting I pitched the 100 strangers project and Deborah was more than happy.


She wanted the church in the background and posed as if in prayer for the photos. I took 7 shots of her in total, but I think this one captured her and her purpose very well. Deborah then proceeded to share with me her experience in finding faith and christianity. She seemed very happy with what she had and I was happy to listen to her share the most important thing in her life with me.


I took her down to the river to show her where the otters live, but we didn't spot them!


I remain an athiest after our encounter, but I never denounced her beliefs, nor shared mine with her. I wish Deborah every happiness for the future, she seems to have had a pretty rough ride along the way.


This is #42 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at www.100Strangers.com


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Taken on February 4, 2012