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IOC Cease and Desist

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Here is a rather long blog post with the latest outcomes from the letter: richardgiles.com/2009/10/09/the-olympics-and-creative-com...

And Part 2, which provides the latest request is available at: The Olympics and Creative Commons Photographs Part 2.

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  1. Carol Browne 55 months ago | reply

    They are just. So. Lame. Totally turns me off the Olympics for sure.

  2. MikeBrowne 55 months ago | reply

    The IOC proves once again that they're bullies afraid of their own shadow. Look out someone is going to celebrate their event and share it as beautiful art with their friends bringing nothing but positive attention to their brand. DUH!

    @pixelens photography: I would be very surprised if the authors of the letter even understood or took into account the CC licensing.

    I just picture a red-faced crusty old fart puffing out his cheeks frustratedly behind his desk fuming as he signs his name to this letter.

    Carol had a post about a recipe for Poppycock (the snack) on her site. We got a cease and desist letter (full of misspellings) asking her to remove all reference to Poppycock. We did and replaced it with CENSORED SNACK and then commented on how it was a load of Poppycock that we had to change it.

    It is just this kind of thing that we need to move beyond.

    Go Go copyright reform!

  3. launceston_lad 55 months ago | reply

    What a wunch of bankers...

    How about sending them a C&D asking them to stop the unauthorised use of your IP (brand even) in their correspondence viz
    Richard Giles©

  4. The Blackbird [deleted] 55 months ago | reply

    Our Games in Vancouver are four months off and I'm warming up with the mascots:

    A Sasquatch's Gotta Eat


    Miga chillin' with V2010ISU





  5. franklumix 55 months ago | reply

    i agree with nikita too, maybe you can change licence to non commercial.
    good luck to you , they just suck!
    This is so disappointing from these sportitve olympics game, that seems to become the olympic games of big money..

  6. mlfeatherston 55 months ago | reply

    This issue is out of control. The IOC is historically very protective of its various IP marks and materials. Unfortunately, the same kind of goofiness can be found today with other entertainment venues such as Major League Baseball, the NFL and even big college football conferences.

    Also, it's simply incredible to me that the word "Olympic" can be "owned." Trademark law is as screwed up as copyright law.

  7. Alexyah 55 months ago | reply

    I've read so many different stories about this letter... it's amazing people just forward and write stuff they don't even understand!
    If you read carefully, what they're asking is that Richard just stops licensing the pictures... So you should just withdraw the CC license and you should be fine.
    And some of you should just think instead of acting like sheep and forward chain letters they don't even read...

  8. iamterris 55 months ago | reply

    Just read about this today: www.thestar.com/olympics/article/707868--olympics-warns-m...

    I was hoping you'd post their letter to your Flickr site. An important issue for us amateur photo bloggers-- I hope you keep us posted.

  9. dubesor 55 months ago | reply

    this is really silly. here in vancouver, VANOC (the organizers of the upcoming 2010 games) has been throwing their weight around a lot and putting the squeeze on everyone they think impinges on their trademarks.

    some really ridiculous ideas included them going after small restaurants, dating websites, etc. etc. - usually with little cause.

    i guess your story is more of the same from IOC. i for one will proudly display and re-post these photos ...

  10. Tarky7 55 months ago | reply

    Been reading all the links, this is a fascinating situation. I picked up the thread on Techdirt about 20mins ago.



    Will be watching to see how this one plays out.


  11. The Blackbird [deleted] 55 months ago | reply

    Also, it's simply incredible to me that the word "Olympic" can be "owned." Trademark law is as screwed up as copyright law.

    sigmaman, the official motto of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games is "With glowing hearts." That is a phrase from O Canada, the Canadian National Anthem and the local Organizing Committee trademarked it. Talk about the corporate world overreaching into public life. It's an insult that our Federal Government didn't fight it. The again, just about everything Prime Minister Stephen Harper does or says insults me as a Canadian.

  12. djfoobarmatt [deleted] 55 months ago | reply

    They're just pissed because your photos are really good. How dare someone share photos of the events for free and undermine a revenue stream.

  13. scraff1967 55 months ago | reply

    What an atrocious attitude the IOC have, the greatest sporting event in the world, yeah right, greatest marketing exercise maybe, pathetic.

  14. rich115 55 months ago | reply

    Thanks for everybody's support. It's been amazing to see how people will rally behind others, and see the benefit in sharing photographs under CC.

    As an update, the IOC are being very reasonable. After the C&D they've explained a lot, and you can find the whole story here:

  15. Thomas Hawk 55 months ago | reply

    Richard, your post was a great recap of your situation. Thanks for sharing that. I blogged a follow up post myself here: thomashawk.com/2009/10/an-update-on-the-international-oly...

    In my post I outline several reasons why I hope the IOC backs down on their request that you change licensing to all rights reserved.

    Good luck with whatever decision you choose to make regarding your images and know that you have a lot of other people out here supporting you.

  16. Bobs Market 55 months ago | reply

    IOC = Ignorant Olympic Committee -Oops! Can I type "Olympic"? Crap! I did it again! Olympic! Olympic! Olympic!

  17. rich115 55 months ago | reply

    For those still keen to know the latest on the IOC request, I've just created a new blog post with new details.

    The Olympics and Creative Commons Photographs Part 2.

  18. The Blackbird [deleted] 55 months ago | reply

    The IOC are dinosaurs. They are so afraid of Vancouver because of the loud and extremely active voice of dissent against the Games. They have led City Hall to enact by-laws that violate fundamental freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution. Activists, with the help of the BC Civil LIberties Association, have filed a lawsuit against the City to have the offending parts of the by-law stricken. Will the case be heard before the Games is the question on the minds of many? It should be fast tracked. Both police and protesters deserve to play by the same set of rules.

  19. foggi3 55 months ago | reply

    Ruthless organization infringing on the fundamental freedoms of Canadians.

    My opinion

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