Souter Lighthouse 2014-08-23
Passed by Souter Lighthouse on the way home from a ride out.
I'm rather fond of it as a tourist destination; I've visited it numerous times over the years. The security camera you can see at the top is connected to a screen and controls at the base of the tower so you can still enjoy the view even if you’re not able to climb up, which is thoughtful.
It’s also got a clever extra thing about two-thirds up; when it was operational, excess light from the main lamp was redirected down and out the large window on the side of the upper white section (you can see it in the first three photos). It shone south along the coast and had a red filter on the side nearest the land. Ships that were sailing in that area would see the unfiltered white light if all was fine, but they’d drift into the red light if they got too close to the rocks there.
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