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160 DUKW at Tyndall Field, Florida WWII | by rich701
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160 DUKW at Tyndall Field, Florida WWII

DUKW-353 (The Duck), 2-1/2 ton 6x6 amphibian truck. Based on the standard 2-1/2 ton 6x6 truck. In water it was steered with a rudder and front wheels from the steering wheel. One propeller driven off the transfer case. Springs, wheels and axle were suspended in the water when used as a boat. One vehicle in four was supplied with the M36 antiaircraft machine gun mount. Held 25 men or 5350 lbs. cargo. 10,000 lb winch and cable guides for use in the front or rear of vehicle. 60 gallon per minute rotary pump and a 260 gallon centrifugal pump were used to pump water out of the hull. A 50 gallon per minute hand pump was used for emergencies. Weight 19,570 lbs. Length 31 feet. Width 8 ft, 3 in. Road speed 45 mph. Water speed 6.3 mph. Tires 11 x 18, 10 ply desert. Fuel 40 gal. Range on land 220 miles. Range in water 50 miles. Engine GMC 270, 6 cyl, 94 hp, 70 octane gasoline, governed at 2750 rpm. Made by the Yellow Truck and Coach Company. The DUKWs were used at Tyndall Field for rescue work in the Gulf of Mexico or the swamp that was around Tyndall.

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Taken circa 1942