Fractal Tiger

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I'm sorry I've had to write my name across my own image and ruin it, but it's been stolen so many times now, I'm sick of reporting people. Deviant Art users in particular seem especially prone to using other people's work.
It's been used on countless blogs for the Chinese New Year and most have asked first.
However, it was recently used commercially by an Argentinian newspaper who seem to have no shame that they are stealing people's work for their own profit.

Highest Position #1 -- I'm speechless!

Please please please comment if you visit. And please ask before you use the image. I wont mind - I just want to know where it is being used.

Applied the Fractalius filter to my Hypno Tiger image and played around with about a million other things in photoshop.

This also marks my 100th upload to Flickr.

Many thanks to Craptastic for the heads up on the Plugin from Redfield.

For anyone interested - the original image is here:

165,000 views and counting. Many thanks to everyone for comments and faves.


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  1. abouelshog3an 41 months ago | reply

    اللهم ارزقني شهادة في سبيلك واجعل موتي في بلد رسولك صلى الله عليه وسلم

  2. kaushal00 41 months ago | reply

    how to do this any tute

  3. magicflash 41 months ago | reply

    hi Richard,
    Used your fractal tiger in a comilation with a dragon... will send you the image if your interested. Don't know the copyright status of the dragon pic yet. I'm a retired American living in Thailand and we are decorating our modest little cafe (Internet Cafe) I never thought about what to do if someone asked to buy it but it is you image and I will respect your wishes as to how I use it.... If you like the drangon/tiger pic I will chect the copyright of the drangon to see if its free. Right now just decorating our little business.... I will give full credit to you and give anyone who asks your name.... Let me know if you want me to email my compilation to you.

  4. markmarko 40 months ago | reply

    Truly one of the most beautiful images I've ever seen. I love it!

  5. Matokokepa 37 months ago | reply

    I'm on deviantArt and I would never steal someone else's work. That is a horrible way to achieve personal creativity. I too have to put a watermark on my photos and I disabled the downloads, the only good way to insure that no one steals them. Even though they could right click and save, at least the watermark is in place.

    This beautiful beyond words. I love fractal art. Thank you for sharing :))

  6. Matokokepa 37 months ago | reply

    P.S. just going to share this on Facebook if that is okay.

  7. 3otiko_blog 37 months ago | reply

    It's like magic! Great work and what a beautiful compination of the colours!

  8. 32 months ago | reply

    MEAOW!!!! This picture is so cute!

  9. librarybazza 32 months ago | reply

    Beautiful! I would like to recommend to my Director that we use this image in conjunction with a "book chat" for the novel, "The Life of Pi" by Yann Martel, at the public library where I work. When I searched for images from the boo kjacket, your image came up. May I request a single time usage? We print about 1,000 copies of our quarterly newsletter, and would naturally credit you. Thank you. -Baz

  10. ricdiggle 32 months ago | reply

    Thanks again everyone for the kind words.

    Re using the image for the Life of Pi book chat - please feel free to do so but I feel it importantly geeky enough to mention that the tiger here is Siberian and not a Bengal Tiger as in the book.

  11. librarybazza 32 months ago | reply

    Wow! That is importantly geeky. A dilemma! Thanks on both counts - Bazza

  12. justlikethat1010 31 months ago | reply

    all i did was hit fav and i get messages about if ppl can use it its not mine

  13. ricdiggle 31 months ago | reply

    Just ignore them?

  14. webimages2 29 months ago | reply

    Richard, your tiger photo is incredible. You don't mind your photos shared on FB do you??

  15. Luis Eduardo Vivero 22 months ago | reply

    Hi Richard! I had an ayahuasca experience, and I saw a very similar tiger. I wrote a document with my experience, and I'm planning to publish it. Would I use your image for the cover of it, please? Thanks in advance :)

  16. Luis Eduardo Vivero 22 months ago | reply

    If you allow me to do this, I'll put your name in the credits for it, off course.

  17. Luis Eduardo Vivero 22 months ago | reply

    Hi Richard! I sent you an message by flickr with my email. I'm trying to reach you outside of this network, but it's not being easy to find you. My text is in spanish, and it's ready. I'm looking for you, so I can use your image for the cover, of you are ok with it. Thanks and regards.

  18. richanitaluke 22 months ago | reply

    Hi Luis, if you are talking about the fractal Tiger image?? it is not my image amigo, lo siento.

  19. ricdiggle 21 months ago | reply

    Louis, I have replied via Flickrmail

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