• Top 250 page without this script.

    On the right, the same page with this script activated.
  • Top 250 page with this script activated. The links in bold and green are for movies on my list.
  • Movies directed by Francis Ford Coppola. This is how IMDB shows the list. Compare with the screenshot to the right.
  • Movies directed by Francis Ford Coppola, with those on "My Movies" list highlighted in bold & green by this script.

IMDB "My Movies" enhancer (Greasemonkey Script)

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The IMDB "My Movies" enhancer is a simple and small script for the Internet Movie Database site. When installed, it will highlight all links for movies in your "My Movies" and "Vote History" lists.

This is very useful for me: now I can check the Top 250 movies list and see which ones I still didn't watch. It also works on searches, any director, actor/actress, producer, etc. page, so I can spot their works that I missed.


If you already have Firefox and Greasemonkey, jump to step 3.

1. You need to have Firefox installed in your computer. If you don't have it, go ahead and install it, it's free!

2. You need to install Greasemonkey on your Firefox browser (this is also free). Using Firefox, follow the Greasemonkey link, click "download" to go to the next page, then click "Add to Firefox". After it is installed, reload Firefox.

3. Click here and click on the "install this script" button to install the latest version of IMDB "My Movies" enhancer (2011.10.06).


The first time you access an IMDB page after the installation of the script, and every time you go to your My Movies page while you're logged in, the script will download your whole movies and vote lists, so it will know which links to highlight. If your Internet connection is very slow and you have several thousands of movies this might take a while. For me, with about 2.000 movies in my list, this operation takes about 2s (but since it happens in the background, I can't notice it at all). If you have any problem, please let me know.

Obs.: right now, the script don't distinguish the categories of "My Movies" list: it will highlight in the same way movies marked as "Seen", "Must See" or any other category. If someone wants to add a GUI to enable the user to select how to highlight each category, please go ahead (and let me know). ;-)

(You might also like the IMDB Sort by Rating script, check it out!)

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  1. evilnick 72 months ago | reply

    wait - you've not seen "Platoon" ...


  2. Ric e Ette 72 months ago | reply

    I plan to fix this problem before the next release of the script... ;-)

  3. Ric e Ette 72 months ago | reply

    I received a nice tip from e-mail. If you usually give a score to the movies you watch but don't add them to a list, see this video. Basically, you should go to your voting history, select all movies and copy them to another category (like "seen", or you can create a specific category for them before the copy). That will make the script work for you, too.

    Thanks for the tip, Steinninn!

    Tip deprecated since the 2008.06.11 update.

  4. NowPublic 72 months ago | reply

    Thank you for sharing your photo!This photograph appears in a NowPublic news story: Mozilla to Release Firefox 3.0 in June.

  5. Ric e Ette 71 months ago | reply

    Update - version 2008.06.11:
    - bug fix: fixed a bug that kept increasing Firefox's variable indefinitely
    - new feature: it also highlight movies you voted for (they appear in your "Vote History" list).

  6. Ric e Ette 70 months ago | reply

    Update - version 2008.07.27:
    - bug fix: movies removed from your list should not be highlighted anymore
    - new feature: the title on a movie page will also be highlighted if it is on your list

  7. Ric e Ette 69 months ago | reply

    Update - version 2008.08.27:
    - bugfix: I finally installed Firefox 3 and noticed that it doesn't send cookies with GM_xmlhttpRequest by default, and this makes all kinds of problems (like your list of movies not being updated). The latest version of this script fixed that.

  8. Ric e Ette 65 months ago | reply

    Update - version 2008.12.20:
    - now it also works with links from the Genre Browse pages (like the Top 50 Film-Noir page) and others, which have a different format.

  9. paulgeaf 50 months ago | reply

    Thanks mate. Should be a useful addition to my browsing experience :)

  10. norjalain1 43 months ago | reply

    First of all; thanks for a great script!

    However, the script does not work properly after IMDb's recently update; a major "facelift" of the movie page. The following does not work anymmore:
    -Does not show in which category you have saved the movie
    -Not possible to add a movie straight to your desired category

    Can you please fix this?

  11. Ric e Ette 43 months ago | reply


    I received all your other messages (I'm glad to see you're such an avid fan of this script), but as I stated previously, your problems are related to another script - mine never provided the functionality you described, and the functions it provides is working fine (at least on Firefox and Google Chrome browsers).

  12. Ric e Ette 32 months ago | reply

    Update - version 2011.08.26:
    - works with the new Your Lists format
    - show new lists in compact mode and reverse sort order (just like in the old format)

  13. jw munich 8 months ago | reply

    oh fantastic, I hadn't noticed the update and I've been missing my enhanced mymovies sooooo much. THANK YOU!!! :-)

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