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    "Monumento Natural das Falésias"

    Fotografia Aérea com Pipa em Morro Branco (Beberibe, CE - Brasil).
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    Labirinto de areias coloridas. Há 12 cores de areia, que são usadas na confecção de desenhos em garrafas. Estas falésias estavam sendo gradualmente destruídas pela remoção da areia e por vandalismo, mas agora os nativos supervisionam o local para evitar depredações, e a areia para artesanato vem de outro local. A maior parte da população local vive do turismo, que é a maior força motivadora de preservação.


    Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) in Praia das Fontes (Beberibe, CE - Brazil)
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    This is a maze of naturally colored sand. There are 12 different colors in total, used by the locals for making sand art bottles and other handicrafts. These cliffs were being destroyed from the excessive removal of the sand, but also by vandalism. The place is now being supervised by the locals to avoid more depredation, and the sand used for art is being collected at another site. Most part of the local population now depends on the tourism, the main reason behind the preservation efforts.

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    1. Cybergabi 57 months ago | reply

      That love declaration in the river bed is the best.

      -- (?)

    2. allr1 57 months ago | reply

      Amazing and gorgeous.

    3. Rula Tammam 57 months ago | reply

      OMG ... unbelievable...soooooooooooo beautiful :)

    4. QMMF HI FOR ALL ^_^ 57 months ago | reply

      wooow nice pic ^_^

    5. NIKONGERL / Please do not copy my images without p 57 months ago | reply

      So this photo was taken from a kite? What a great and clear and very colorful photo from a moving object with a cam attached! Amazing!

    6. unfamiliar tide 57 months ago | reply

      Fantastic shot! Love this rustic landscape!

    7. little79bear 57 months ago | reply

      I agree this one is the best of a very good set. We have a similar place in Queensland called Rainbow Beach (not a terribly creative name but a beautiful spot) but it isn't as spectacular as this. It is next to the largest sand island in the world though Fraser Island which is pretty cool. How do you trigger the camera?

    8. bobfranklin 57 months ago | reply

      Incredible shot

    9. danoz2k9 57 months ago | reply

      This is stunning

    10. nastia 22 [deleted] 57 months ago | reply

      wow that is a very cool shot.

    11. Roberto Alcantara [deleted] 57 months ago | reply

      Nice texture.

    12. Hari Baldo 56 months ago | reply

      absolutamente formidavel!

    13. Olhardopirata3 56 months ago | reply

      Linda foto....Muito criativa!!!

    14. HiJinKs Media... 56 months ago | reply

      Amazing? No Outstanding

    15. Kyle Pozan 56 months ago | reply

      A personal favorite

    16. Tony Carlos Br 46 months ago | reply

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