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Fotografia Aérea com Pipa no Beach Park (Aquiraz, CE - Brasil).
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Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) in the Beach Park (Aquiraz, CE - Brazil)
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  1. andrebernardo.com [deleted] ages ago | reply

    what a shot!!!

  2. chillntravel ages ago | reply

    great shot!

  3. Who the flickr is Johnson [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Fabulous! The perspective, the colors, the framing, the shadows...

  4. @notnixon ages ago | reply

    ...added to Flickr Hits!

  5. nune ages ago | reply

    Very cool capture! Nice perspective :)

  6. çzklsdfaçsdfkjç [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Estou aqui impressionado com tamanha beleza!

    Foto espetacular!

  7. Ference.hu ages ago | reply

    What an thrilling idea? I stuck on this funny capture, over the great make, you guys made us curious, what a hell makes the funny shape of the left person’s shadow (a lady?). I bet is more like a bag, than a pregnancy on the back site. But it’s really doesn't matter. What matter is this was a great Job! Thank for sharing!

  8. whyhellomaria ages ago | reply

    I am amazed at how perfect the sand looks (almost delicious.. strange to say) and how pronounced the shadows are. Wow!

  9. O'CC ages ago | reply

    Great photo...istant fav...

  10. Little Lightshow [deleted] ages ago | reply

    awesome - I admire the skills

  11. Bob Duck 116 months ago | reply

    A photo of exceptional quality!!

    Please consider adding this wonder to:
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    and present yourself and your work here

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  12. algo 116 months ago | reply

    Extraordinary view point.
    Makes a great composition in itself.

    Seen in Favorites: 45 near photos of mine. (?)

  13. Flickrfest Blog 110 months ago | reply

    Blogged at flickrfest.blogspot.com. Thanks for using Creative Commons license.

  14. FrequentTraveler 102 months ago | reply

    Cool photo! We recently featured your image on www.brazil.com. Thanks!

  15. Tony Carlos Br 76 months ago | reply

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  16. R.L. Owen 45 months ago | reply

    First saw this image in the 61 Amazing Kite Aerial Photography Images story from the Digital Photography School website.


    Fabulous images.


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