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10 random facts...


explored jan 3, #32. (which is totally weird, because I posted it on the 4th...but whatever, I don't understand the whole explored-thing anyways.)


... in a random order.


#1. I find this pretty hard. (thank you cindy. and thanks for forcing me to upload another selfie, btw.) And I do apologize to everyone I tagged. I am truly sorry I burden you with this.


#2. I try not to give in to peer pressure. It obviously didn’t work very well with this game. But it didn’t work on new year’s eve either - I intended to spend that night at home, but got wasted at a great party instead. So maybe something fun will come out of this experiment, too.


#3. I smoke. Occasionally. (there's usually alcohol involved). Sorry, mum.


#4. Since I went backpacking in Australia and shared a room with seven strangers, I’m an earplugs-addict. I take them everywhere, and if the person sleeping next to me is breathing a little louder than 0.5 decibel... – earplugs! I actually spent one night in a bathtub at the age of six. My brother, who was sharing a room with me while being on vacation, was breathing too heavily.


#5. I really want a pet. A cat. Or a little monkey. Unfortunately my lifestyle doesn’t even allow a mouse.


#6. I played the bagpipes when I was eleven. (Yes, you can make fun of me now.)


#7. I am lactose intolerant. And constantly cheating.


#8. I used to read Stephen King when I was ten. I had to smuggle the books out of my grandma’s house (they belonged to my uncles.) But I get nightmares from horror-movies. Couldn’t sleep for months after watching “scream”.


#9. I have a doll since I was one year old, and I’ll have her forever. In fact, I’m gonna be buried with her. Her name is Rosie, she’s currently lying in my dresser, hidden under my underwear. If you get to see her, you can be sure that I REALLY like you.


#10. I kissed a girl. And I liked it. (thanks, M.)

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Taken on November 18, 2009