• This is a little dirty/greasy, but no big deal
  • The cooking surface had a lot of baked on crap, but nothing a little soaking & easy off couldn't handle. And in the worst case scenario, there's always Mr. Muscle.

One man's trash...

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Who would throw out a $100 Le Creuset Grill Pan?

Whatever, mine now.

  1. koe2moe 106 months ago | reply

    eh?? u picked that up??

  2. minorityreport 106 months ago | reply

    You are my hero Rob! Though in all fairness it appears to require two, Two, TWO New York burners to operate. ;)

  3. IwateBuddy 106 months ago | reply

    I'll bet someone is VERY angry with their boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, kid, etc.!

  4. Plaid Ninja 106 months ago | reply

    Yes, el grill grande!!

    No doubt... though they may have tossed it because they thought it was ruined. It has a lot of caked on burnt things, and the bottom had this layer of charred mess with oil. I spent about an hour cleaning it up, and its just about ready for use. Still, I shouldn't have to use a metal paint scraper on cooking equipment. (not used on the cooking surface)

  5. koe2moe 106 months ago | reply

    hey ninja.. is there Mr Muscle for oven over there??? it's really mr muscle... (stronger than any supermini's) it gets all those oil stains off oven.... like a breeze :P no need to scrub ;)

  6. Plaid Ninja 106 months ago | reply

    There might be a Mr Muscle, but he sound like a guy that hangs out in leather bars.

  7. Scuzzi 106 months ago | reply

    wow, that grill pan doesn't even look that bad. i guess that person really didn't know what they were doing. though in all fairness, those feel heavy and hard to clean, and you have to properly maintain it. i don't think we have mr. muscle here, but then that could be a name for mr. clean?

  8. Plaid Ninja 106 months ago | reply

    I'm telling you, I think Mr. Muscle is the leather clad biker from the Village People.

  9. cknlomein 106 months ago | reply

    i think it's easy off in the us. never heard of mr muscle. only mr guy in cleaning is mr clean. he just wears tight t shirts. no leather gear.

  10. eyewashdesign: A. Golden 106 months ago | reply

    Great great find! Just what trash nyc is all about! Thanks for adding!

  11. koe2moe 106 months ago | reply

    ok fine!! you ARE the mr muscle, ninja LOL

  12. Plaid Ninja 106 months ago | reply


    Are you saying I belong in the Village People?


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