• used train tickets
  • strippenkaart
  • laundry pickup receipt
  • travel insurance card
  • bank card
  • business cards (me)
  • tenaamstellingsbewijs (proof of ownership) of my car. this really should not be kept in my wallet.
  • driver's license
  • 10 bucks
  • 100 kroner (danish) - about 20 bucks
  • 70 euros (about 130 bucks)
  • health insurance card
  • anwb (dutch automobile club) card
  • ikea customer loyalty programme card. i am a very loyal ikea customer.
  • body shop customer loyalty programme card. i get to pick a €10 gift on my birthday, which is exactly the amount it cost to enter the programe.
  • savings account card.
  • business cards (other people)
  • access key for the office.
  • NY metro tokens (used)
  • credit card
  • 0.44€ stamps (good for 0-20gr mail within the Netherlands)
  • "Cash Rules Everything Around Me (C.R.E.A.M.!) - hit the money - Dollar Dollar bill y'all..." - Thijs van Exel
  • IKEA is the best!
    Not one near New Orleans though :( - Graham Blackall

what's in my wallet

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change not included. I was looking for a taxi receipt and soon found my entire wallet contents sprawled over my desk. see notes.

  1. Ilja 84 months ago | reply

    yeah, but the big question: is your wallet the one that says "bad motherfucker"?

  2. E rr or [deleted] 84 months ago | reply

    ik bezit veel geld en geen wallet..leuke kiek

  3. Rienk Mebius 84 months ago | reply

    Niet de beste plaats om al je kaarten &c. te bewaren. Ik verloor alles in lijn 5 door een zakrol. Alles pleite. Je kan raden in welke stad.

    Not the best place to store your cards &c. I lost everything by pickpocketing in Number 5 tram last year.

  4. rhodes 84 months ago | reply

    Essen? Den Haag? Dortmund? Praag? Ik geef het op.

  5. Rienk Mebius 84 months ago | reply

    Amsterdam, dus...
    bij het verlaten des trams op het stationsplein.

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