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custom longboard.
valterra (a la 'back to the future') i got for christmas, 1984
element deck i did up in black wheels and platinum chrome krylon
maple oldskool deck i like to call "the backbreaker"

  1. LAMOURSupreme 85 months ago | reply

    nice collection.

  2. Laser Burners 85 months ago | reply

    i rode the valterra today for a while; probably the first serious ride its had in over 20 years. it feels like more of a barge than the longboard.

    its weird. i asked for a hosoi that christmas, but got a valterra cause we were poor. i used to ride that shit all the time, but was sort of emabarrassed cause all my friends had tony hawks, caballeros, mcgills, roskopps and crasy vision shit and rat bones powell and peralta shit. but my neighbor down the street had a kmart deck, too. it had a cobra on it. we used to rip it up and hate on the kids with the skate-shop decks. but anyway, now i ride it around brooklyn and feel cool. funny how that works.

  3. groovehouse 85 months ago | reply

    nice collection!

  4. straightedge217 85 months ago | reply

    Cool collection. On one of my trips to NYC, I brought my board with me and went skating down at the "Brooklyn Banks", even though I couldn't pull any decent tricks then since I was so rusty, it was pretty surreal to actually get to skate there after seeing it on so many videos and video games.

    And it's funny seeing the names of all of the old Bones Brigade guys. That was all way before my time, but we used to order all of the tapes through the library. I still have a copied tape of "Search For Animal Chin".

  5. LAMOURSupreme 85 months ago | reply

    everyone starts out with a K-mart board I think. Then you thrash the hell out of it like I did and my parents had no choice but to get me a Vision Agressor. After that, so many boards I can't even count.

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