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    I'm going a bit retro for a while. I dug out my 7" vinyl singles and took a trip down memory lane to the punk revolution of the late 70s when I spent my pocket money on the latest singles by bands like Cabaret Voltaire, Devo, Punishment of Luxury, 999 and the Damned.

    This is the first single from Crass (Reality Asylum */ Shaved Women). They were an anti-war, anarchist, feminist, animal rights band that actually presented themselves as a collection of contradictions.

    All this ideology and experimental music was too exciting for a teen like me, so I soaked it up like a sponge.

    This was a time of physical music. You handed over your cash and in exchange got a piece of 7" plastic, some in special colours, with really exciting sleeves full of band propoganda. Not like mp3s today - there was something special about vinyl.

    * Reality Asylum was a very controversial song. The workers at the factory making the records refused to press it because it was blasphemous, so initially it was left as a short track of silence called The Sound of free Speech. Eventually when Crass got their own label, the song was put back on the record.

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