3d pan white

the winds of skagit.

day ninety-two; april 2, 2010. the only way to view this is large and on black. seriously awesome.


yesterday, my sister and i took a trip up to the skagit county tulip festival. normally, this is a pretty spring occasion with hoards of people looking and the endless fields of tulips. on this occasion, however, 40+ mph wind gusts and near freezing temperatures kept most of those people away.


but since we were there, we needed to get the shot anyways! this is a three shot hdr exposure and i was quite surprised how the tulips turned out being that the wind was almost able to knock me over. (as always, view it large with the link above: flickr's sharpening just doesn't do this justice)



since many people have asked, you can get a print of this one here :)

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Taken on April 2, 2010