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GOOD VIBRATIONS (and string theory, too) | by rajahdajah
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GOOD VIBRATIONS (and string theory, too)

A short story, in nutshell mode.


All introduced by the lowly springtime Daffodil, reinterpreted here as a digital photo painting, for abstract art effect.


A thought illustration.


Everyone has heard the song from a couple generations ago, "Good Vibrations". Its lyrics deal with a perception of harmonic resonance in life's experiences. That notion may have faded some with the passing of "The Flower Child" mind set. But it has had a rebirth of sorts in the field of Cosmology, the study of the Universe.


Cosmologists have coined a term, String Theory. About a series of uiltra-small vibrations resonating through everything from the smallest particle to the entire fabric of space. This implies a cosmic resonance.


I do not pretend to really understand all the mathematical fractal patterns claimed by the theory. I just mention such cosmic resonance possibilities in order to launch my own story/theory. The premise of which is that all successful art forms contain stored energy (cosmic resonance?). And that every new viewing of any art form actually releases new energy.


When that released energy "strikes a chord" of harmonic balance in its audience we can call that experience art appreciation.


Resonance Received.


Time will tell if art energy or art appreciation energy is really linked to String Theory, or anything else cosmic.


So, what do you think? Can Daffodils really resonate?


And were the vibrations any good?!

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Taken on June 28, 2006