Erie C254 - Restoration 1994
Looking for a project that I could sink my teeth into after being a volunteer at the museum for two years, I came upon ex-Erie caboose #C254 in 1991. Overall, in very good condition, but in need of some attention including interior painting and exterior painting back into proper red, I took on the project. Over the next 2 years, I worked on refurbishing the interior and exterior of the caboose. Depicted here is the exterior restoration of the car from the condition I met the car in to the finished product. On Tuesday, August 16, 1994, the C254 was painted by Lynn Cross, who generously donated his time and talent as a professional painter, to help us put the finishing touch on the caboose. With help from museum member, John Redden, and myself, we applied two coats of "American LaFrance Red" to the car. The paint was manufactured by ICI Autocolor and still looks as good today as it did the day it was applied.

The restoration is complete, however, the search is on for a set of authentic Erie caboose markers to "bring up the rear" on special occasions. If anyone has any information on a set of Erie markers or any other Erie lanterns, hardware, or paper, please contact us.

I would also like to take the time to thank the many people that helped me over the years with the #C254. Without their help painting, window making, stencil cutting, and more, I would have never been able to do as great as restoration as was done as the caboose.

So take a look and watch the transformation of Erie C254 from Conrail blue to Erie red.
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