• Brakes for the two benches people jump on.
  • My monitor to see the stage. It's right above my head...the stage that is.
  • UP and DOWN controls for a center platform that raises for those "Dream Girls" type moments in the show.
  • My board that operates the 4 benches that raise up and down throughout the show. That big red button is the "E Brake".
  • Computer that stores and runs all the automation cues I have.
  • Coffee!!!
  • My personal computer that I'm using right this very moment. Keeps me entertained on these ridiculously long days.
  • Cue lights the stage manager flips on to warn me and cue me for my moves.
  • Hi Joey! - odyglo
  • Mario sleeps and misses his body. - XXPepper

My Work Space

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A shot of what's keeping me away from flickring, blogging and all the other fun things I normally do. Check out the notes to see what's what!

Just put up a rushed and long winded blog entry on what tech week is like...and I was being nice. Check it out if you want!

  1. CRASH:candy 84 months ago | reply

    "oh the power"...you rock RGP way to be in control girl! definitely miss your expression here though... look forward to when you have time...

  2. helle-belle 84 months ago | reply

    That looks so interesting! I love buttons, lamps and screeens so I would be in heaven sitting there. But I can imagine that it takes a lot of patience and concentration.

    I look forward to having you back on Flickr "full-time" but until then: Take care!

    Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

  3. GaylenBray 84 months ago | reply

    such responsibility...any screw-ups would be funny stories...

  4. eliz.avery 84 months ago | reply

    Good luck! Break a leg? a monitor? (whatever you say to those behind the scenes!)

  5. Ry Pepper 84 months ago | reply

    Thanks everyone! I miss you all. Thankfully this all should be over by next week (keep your fingers crossed).
    As far as funny stories, so far we've had the same person trip over the same bench three times now. That's it so far but trust me, there'll be more. Oh, and one guy fell in the pit (orchestra pit that is). He's okay so that was funny. hehe
    All the other stories are more like horror rather than comedy. All these damn machines have a tendency to break....a lot. Again, cross those fingers!
    Back soon everyone!

  6. XXPepper 84 months ago | reply

    Wuwuwuh Wow. You are The Great and Mighty Oz!

    It appears that all hailing frequencies are open, Captain.

  7. thePhotoZoo 84 months ago | reply

    oh, this is SO cool. sorry i missed this one!!! so cool to see your space!!!

  8. former.ly [deleted] 84 months ago | reply

    neato to see behind the scenes. have fun!

  9. XXPepper 84 months ago | reply

    "Pay NO Attention to the woman behind the curtain...."

  10. m2matiz_ 83 months ago | reply

    oh my... awesome... but that looks like it's awfully busy work!
    ground control to major RGP.....

  11. thp365 83 months ago | reply

    DUDE. This is so ridiculously awesome.

    I think I may do the irresponsible quit my decent job thing when I get enough backstage experience to apply for a crew job.

    I've been thinking about it more and more lately.

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