Japanese style coffee:)

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    @ a hideaway cafe, Kyoto; CONTAX Aria

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    1. AnotherSaru - Limited mode 77 months ago | reply

      Oh that looks very good. I am craving some now.

    2. Viv | Seattle Bon Vivant 77 months ago | reply

      akaneeee! did you go back or is this one from april? xoxo

    3. +akanée+ 77 months ago | reply

      I know that feeling, me too!!

      Viv | Seattle Bon Vivant
      Hehe, I went back there a while ago;) It was as nice as usual! xoxo

    4. Craig ! 77 months ago | reply

      I really like the tray. Nice light - very diffused.

    5. {manda} 77 months ago | reply

      SO beautiful! Love the tones and colour.

    6. kouryo [deleted] 77 months ago | reply

      What a pity it's only a virtual, I would need this coffee now :-D Hey, I bought my plane tickets for Japan in Spring ... yuhuuuuuuuuu :-)))

    7. hamapenguin 77 months ago | reply


    8. Luis Trabuco 77 months ago | reply

      I'm not going to Kyoto. So, where in tokyo, can i drink this style of coffee? Nice and beautiful.

    9. akane kinomoto 77 months ago | reply

      look delicious! I want some!

    10. i'm Jac 77 months ago | reply

      may i have a cup of this please..

    11. Shadows Oliv 77 months ago | reply

      Coffee inside tea one ^^

      Which is the taste strong ?

      when i go outside France or Italia, it's always my problem to find strong one, bad usually of my two side ; )

    12. +akanée+ 77 months ago | reply

      It's a kind of japanned tray, I guess.
      Black tray, black coffee...adjusting exposure was difficult . Thanks:))

      THANKS! The beauty is much due to the glass and the pot;))

      I had a cup (a big cup!;) of coffee just now, hehe;))

      CONGRATS! Now all you have to do is to wait and fly;D


      Luis Trabuco
      That's a pity. But Tokyo has anything! I bet you'll find some cafe with this style... Somebody give us infomation, please!!

      akane kinomoto
      Yes, absolutely. I love this coffee, rather strong, bitter but somewhat sweet;))

      Sure thing:) Oh, you can have a pot of this:D

      Shadows Oliv
      They serve coffee in a glass or in a Japanese-tea-pot at this cafe:)
      Very japanese, isn't it? Hehe.

      You'll like coffee in Kyoto, I guess. You can find many strong kinds there:)

    13. runayar 77 months ago | reply


    14. yuma* [deleted] 77 months ago | reply


    15. jolooow 77 months ago | reply

      love it japanese way ;)

    16. irissham [deleted] 77 months ago | reply

      my dear akane, is it cold in Japan now?

      It's starting to get colder in HK, this photo of yours remind me of the warmth of the coffee. I always LOVE japanese coffee.

      By the way, there may be a chance for me to go to Japan next summer :) if so I really want to meet you!

    17. +akanée+ 77 months ago | reply

      Thanks a bunch:))


      ありがとうございます^^* グラスの光が映ったのが写せてたらもっと良かったのに~って思うのですけど、嬉しいです♪

      Rather, we can say it's Kyoto way? Haha;))

      Yeah~~~, 3 days ago, it got very coooold all of a sudden! It's been cold, but I hear it will get warm again tomorrow;)) But warm fall will not give us beautiful leaves of autumn, I'm afraid.
      And we can enjoy hot drinks including my loved coffee more in cold weather;))

      Wow!! Thanks for your lovely news!! You're not sure yet? I DO hope it will be realized!! I can't wait to see you!! Wow!!

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