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first Photo Friday challenge in a long time;D

I have many many happinesses and coffee break is surely among them.

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  1. * rel. [deleted] 107 months ago | reply

    oh the simple pleasures in life... if only people could take the time to really appreciate them.

  2. \ ( O_o ) / 107 months ago | reply

    :) indeed, happiness is the "simple pleasures" in life.

    i always love your photos as cafes, they capture that simple pleasure very well.

    haven't seen you around much lately, hope all is well.

  3. Inoka Chui . 107 months ago | reply

    i wanna eat and drink it,can i join :) ?

  4. kimicon 107 months ago | reply

    it's been a long time~~! how's everything, akane-chan?

  5. kumo36 107 months ago | reply


  6. Ajaxgarden 107 months ago | reply

    I also wanna eat and drink it .. ^^

  7. AraiGodai 107 months ago | reply

    is that custom made "r g b" tissue? how cool.

  8. Nikkko 107 months ago | reply

    I love the customized tissue and the polaroid.

  9. +akanée+ 107 months ago | reply

    Thanks everyone!

    >> * relspective
    True enough! We might as well value simple pleasures in everyday life.

    >> \ ( O_o ) /
    Oh, thank you for caring about me:) and sorry for not sending you yet something I promised to give you ^^;
    I'm doing fine, though a little bit too busy to sign in to Flickr these days.
    Simple pleasures like this makes me fine.

    >> Inoka
    I hope we can have coffee in HK or in Japan!!
    I'll let you know next time I visit HK.

    >> kimicon
    Long time no see~~~って、フランス語じゃどういうんだっけ??>m<
    なんかネットに割く時間が減ってきちゃって。。。しかもフリッカーって、相変わらずやたら重くて。 あ、でも最近はちょっとマシになったような気がする。
    ふふふ、京都のコーヒー、おいしかったよね! このごろあのカフェに行きたくてしょうがないよー。umieももっとご無沙汰だから行きたいんだけど。キミコン、こっち来る予定ないの??

    >> kumo36

    >> Ajax :: X - Garden
    Having a coffee and nice sweets is really good...So did you have some?

    >> Arai Gordai
    Looks like it's custom-made? YES!
    No,no. I wrote them in with PHOTOSYOP:D

    >> Phasme
    Wow thank you! The polaroid I love, too:)

  10. ~Kenny 107 months ago | reply

    Yes, happiness is enjoying a cup of coffee with dessert! :D

    I hope you will visit Kuala Lumpur one day so we can have coffee together! :D

  11. +akanée+ 106 months ago | reply

    >> Kenny
    Delicious sweets and coffee with good aroma makes my day:)

    YES!! I WANNA visit Kuala Lumpur! I really hope we can have a good time and meet Latte boy one day^^

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