Online Coverage of Breaking Business Story
Sunday afternoon, March 17, 2008, the story broke that JP Morgan Chase was acquiring the troubled investment firm, Bear Stearns. At approximately, 8:15 P.M. EST, I made a screen grab of five major business news websites to see if there were any differences in the speed with which the story was being covered by business "newspaper" websites vs. "magazine" websites. I put both media in "quotes" as their heritage should have no influence on how quickly they cover this story...but, apparently, it does. The two newspaper sites have staff-written breaking stories -- indeed, multiple breaking stories. And while and have Bear Sterns stories in the lead position, they are not about the breaking situation, rather that story is relegated to "headlines" from wire services.

If you want to see the screen grabs at 100% of the original size, click on the "size" tab at the top of each image.
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