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2008-12-08 | by revcruz
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This page is dedicated to a very special friend with a unique ability... some people cringe in fear at the thought of seeing paranormal creatures but I found this gift very intriguing, having my own share of experiences, but not as vivid and exciting as hers.


The characters you see here are based on Philippine mythology/folklore, but these can always be found cross-culturally in other mythologies. Included here are the body-splitting "manananggal", "sirena" (mermaids/water nymphs), tobacco smoking "kapre" (akin to ogres/trolls), "tikbalangs" (horse-headed creatures), ghosts ("white lady"), "enkantas" (fairies) and "dwendes" (elves)... Interestingly, the "dwendes" here have their own names... Windy, Jory, Rolly and Jedy... More intriguing, I got to be familiar with my own family "dwende" - a maharlika in their own class!

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Taken on December 8, 2008