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haverford college duck pond

i'm experimenting with hdr again. this one was a struggle. the exposures were too long to keep the fast-moving clouds in the sky from going wonky over the series of exposures. then there's the artifacting. no matter what i shoot, what settings i use to generate the hdr, whether or not i use a tripod, photomatix creates artifacts somewhere in almost every one of my images. i shot a test series in my apartment on a tripod facing a window (for the range of indoor vs outdoor light) and got strange line artifacts all along the window frame. yet people are doing beautiful hdr work with this application, so either they are spending lots of time repairing that crap or it's user error on my part.


come to think of it, it seems to consistently happen in areas of extreme contrast difference. i'll have to test for that.


anyway, this is a great campus that boasts not only this lovely pond, but a sweet walking trail populated with a scientific tree collection. :)

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Taken on April 5, 2009