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Gyps himalayensis , Himalayan Griffon, in Tibetan "mkha' la 'khor མཁའ་ལ་འཁོར་" | by reurinkjan
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Gyps himalayensis , Himalayan Griffon, in Tibetan "mkha' la 'khor མཁའ་ལ་འཁོར་"

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Most birds just jumps and spread there wings to get airlifted, not so for these Himalayan Griffon Vultures,they had to walk and jump for 1 km to find a higher platform in the mountains to glide from it to get in the sky. Some 10 vultures where feeding from a carcas of a dead animal down by the river site(the carcas lie half in the river).


The Himalayan Griffon Vulture (Gyps himalayensis) ,Tibetan name is bya rgod or "mkha' la 'khor མཁའ་ལ་འཁོར་", is an Old World vulture in the family Accipitridae, which also includes eagles, kites, buzzards and hawks. It is closely related to the European Griffon Vulture, G. fulvus.


Adults are 103-110 cm (41-43 inches) long, have a wingspan of 260-289 cm (102-114 inches) across the wings and weigh 8–12 kg (18-26.4 lbs). They are the second largest Old World vulture, behind only the Aegypius monachus - Cinereous Vulture in size.

This vulture grunts and hisses at roosts or when feeding on carrion.

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Taken on September 27, 2009