retune studio visit #04 - FELD a young design studio founded by a group of Berlin based designers who share a common language of digital thinking in their work process.

Transcending any definition in the tools or target media, the studio's works combine computational design, electronics, physical computing, motion graphics and confident graphic design attitude in novel and elegant ways, equally easily found in edgy artistic interventions as in high production value media.

FELD balances what computers and what people are good at: Leveraging the relentless, precise and high-speed computational processes or custom machines to unfold their works, but having the designers always at the helm result in thought provoking, aesthetic and elegant works.


retune studio visits is an event series that offer a unique opportunity to get a peak into the studios of Berlin based creatives.
As always, this is not a stiff networking event but a good place to meet nice people and get inspired. And yes, there will be beers!
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