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I've got my eye on you

Tying up loose ends All Aboard! Flood damaged structures Holiday Inn Express (of sorts) Which side are you on? Nobody Home Stumps Me! No forwarding address Prime Real Estate A close call! Shore had a lot of water! High on the bank Ox-bow Lagoon Family Afair Twin Pleasures Reinforcements After the flood reflections of Nature I've got my eye on you Beauty on the Wing

The Luangwa River runs through the heart of the Luangwa Valley. Most of the year the river is too low for safe boating but during during the time I was there (the end of the rainy season) were were able to motor up the river to the Mchenja bush camp rather than take to overland route. It was a special treat. Every afternoon at around 3:30 PM we would board the boat and explore the river and flooded areas until well after sunset, The river became dangerous to run after dark because of what you might run into so we did not stay long on the river after dark. Some of the most beautiful sunset shots I got were from the ruver runs.

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Grete Howard says:

What a beautiful set of photographs - looks like a wonderful place to visit. I shall have to add it to my ever-expanding list.
Posted 117 months ago. ( permalink )

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