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  • You jerk. There was a complicated system that I was going to use for this part that integrated the crown horns into the upper jaw using the same tube, but I decided against that thinking it looked fine the way it was. Now I feel bad.

Xenomorph Rex

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This is based on this artwork: nebezial.deviantart.com/art/xenomorph-rex-314480080?q=gal... by nebezial

I made this for a collaboration for Brickfair. If your are in the DC/Virginia region come see this at Brickfair tomorrow. It's cooler in person.
I don't make building instructions. Please don't ask.

I loved the artwork and simply had to build it. It is my largest creation yet. The anatomy is off by a bit but I was in a rush to finish so I couldn't redo too many sections. I might come back and rework it later in the year.

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  1. George Kemper 32 months ago | reply

    So sick! The shape was captured perfectly!

  2. Jason.Curran 32 months ago | reply


  3. DarkkosiS 32 months ago | reply

    This is RAD. You're on fire bud...

  4. elburbo 32 months ago | reply

    Really organic looking!

  5. Swoosh! 32 months ago | reply

    If they had this as part of the Kenners Alien Vs Predator line... Anybody else excited by the thought?

  6. Super-jet 32 months ago | reply

    You are the greatest LEGO Technic builder I have ever seen. First the Halo fig and now this. You are genius.

  7. 'Sergeant Chipmunk' 32 months ago | reply

    This is amazing! I love the curves in the tail.

  8. Ironsniper 32 months ago | reply

    ... You are an artist.
    Question: How do you even begin to conceptualize these builds? Do you start with a frame?

  9. retinence 32 months ago | reply

    I build the smallest detail first, which is in most cases the head, then size everything from there. For the frame, I focus on joint locations before anything else. Then build the smallest and strongest frame possible focusing the strength where it needs to be, in this case the hips.

  10. \V/_ 32 months ago | reply

    remember at the end of alien vs. predator when the alien queen was washed out to sea?
    well she washed up on jurassic park. if they can survive in space, whats cold water gonna do?

    anyway, awesome build.

  11. origamiPete 26 months ago | reply

    screw that troll who added that note, it's absolutely flawless! I like what that part does for the model.

  12. retinence 26 months ago | reply

    He's a friend. He knew about the flaw because I was talking to him about it. My reply was more sarcastic than anything.

  13. N.O.D. 19 months ago | reply

    you have to see my site and comment.

  14. The Phantom Terror 12 months ago | reply

    I saw this at BFVA last year! It was amazing. :D

  15. Symon-006 12 months ago | reply

    How tall does this piece stand?

    (Judging by some HF mecha I've been making recently (which stand approximately as tall as a TF Deluxe figure) I'd imagine this piece is about 10" tall.)

  16. retinence 12 months ago | reply

    That's about right.

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