Commission 3/3: Gyarados

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I created a Cuusoo page for this creation:
If you'd like to see this made into an official model, then please add your support.

Here's the last commission. I'm building one of these for myself and taking it to Brickfair. He has a fair amount of mobility, but parts of him are really weak due to odd pressures.

I had a stupid quote I wanted to add to both pictures that went along the lines of this: "Survival of the fittest: a Pokemon either dies or lives long enough to evolve."

I'll add more info later.

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  1. BlueisCoool 38 months ago | reply

    Very nice work - congrats!

  2. madLEGOman 38 months ago | reply

    Everything about this mic Puts me in a state of awe and wonder

  3. -Juzu- 38 months ago | reply


  4. Big Rubber Mallet 38 months ago | reply

    I remember these from when I was a little kid. I always thought they were cool.
    This is a flawless representation.

  5. CpTait 38 months ago | reply


    That is an order. I want Lego Pokemon to be the next Bionicles! Or allow me to submit it and gain support... JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN!


  6. retinence 38 months ago | reply

    I created a Cuusoo page for this creation:
    If you'd like to see this made into an official model, then please add your support.

  7. Aphylliate 38 months ago | reply

    Your genius in remarkable structure and design has struck us once again....

  8. Mλster cheese 38 months ago | reply

    you dare not like this

  9. Lazer Blade 38 months ago | reply

    It is to awesome to not like. That face, scales, and tail are so perfect! <3 :')

  10. Carson Hart 38 months ago | reply

    Oh, I forgot to ask. If this is for a commission, what happens if they buy it and then something falls apart once they have it? Do you glue the model, or try to help them fix it through messaging? I'm just sort of interested on how you work those things out :P

  11. retinence 38 months ago | reply

    For a model like this I need to glue nearly everything. For other, simpler and stronger models, I only use glue where the model is prone to fall apart such as at the joints. If anything ever breaks to a degree where the client cannot fix it, then they can send me pictures of the section and I'll guide them through the repair. I haven't had anyone contact me about that yet.

  12. Carson Hart 38 months ago | reply

    Great, thanks a ton. I was curious how that worked. It must be painful to glue this piece together :P

  13. Megarickrolld [deleted] 37 months ago | reply

    I would BUY this if it was made into a real set...really great work!

  14. Milkdraco 33 months ago | reply

    Is this smaller than magikarp?

  15. retinence 33 months ago | reply

    Yes, smaller than both of my Magikarp. Slightly taller but much less mass.

  16. Alec. M 22 months ago | reply

    can i get one saw it at brickworld and love it even more :P

  17. Big Bang boy 15 months ago | reply

    how much would you sell it ?? it looks amazing !!!! Dx<

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