Day 736 / 365 - Ski holiday Ouch ( credit crunch debts bills )

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    Day 80 / 365 (2009 )
    I got home from my ski holiday today. My credit card bill was waiting for me. The credit card that paid for the holiday. Ouch

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    1. Domenic.Y ages ago | reply

      wait wait, im confused, how much is that? 25 thousand? o_O

    2. xJason.Rogersx ages ago | reply

      Over 2.5 Million Pounds

    3. Domenic.Y ages ago | reply

      please tell me thats a typo.. lol you didnt spend 2.5 million on a holiday :P

    4. xJason.Rogersx ages ago | reply

      2 566 645.21 British pounds = 5.41100386 million Australian dollars

      I wish I had spent that much on a holiday. I wish I had that much money That would have been one hell of a holiday. I photoshopped the bill. I didn't think it was such a good idea telling the world what my credit card number was, and while I was editing, I added some numbers here and there.

      It was an expensive holiday but well worth it I think.

    5. Domenic.Y ages ago | reply

      hahaha, sneaky!

      convincing photoshop lol, i seriously thought you spent 2.5mill :p

    6. working against me ages ago | reply

      aahhhhh tricky!! i thought, no way did you spend that much!!!

    7. addiefreyja ages ago | reply

      LOL! For a second, I also was thinking that you spent £2.5 mil.

    8. EconomyWatch ages ago | reply

      Excellent! Loved the Photoshop, it had me going too when I read the numbers ... and Tip of the Hat, we have used it in an article on credit card reform:

    9. eric731 120 months ago | reply

      I hear ya. Consider sharing with us:

    10. bailey2010 118 months ago | reply

      Great photo using it for an article on paying off credit card debt.

    11. ChiliMac 114 months ago | reply

      Did you see this Yahoo article that's using your shot? They credited you at the end of the article.

    12. BundleHQ 107 months ago | reply

      Thank you for making this creative commons! We loved your photo so much, we're using it to illustrate a story called "A debt payoff plan that works." Check it out here:

    13. thmeeks 101 months ago | reply

      Perfect for my NileGuide Las Vegas blog post about resort fees--I've used your pic there, with attribution:

    14. MoneyAware 100 months ago | reply

      Hi Jason, we've used your excellent photo to illustrate our blogpost Need to make extra cash in 2011? 10 ways to increase your income. Thank you!

    15. mjh964 95 months ago | reply

      Hello and thank you for the photo. I used it on my site about credit score report at

    16. SimonaGail 94 months ago | reply

      and it showed up on BNET today! congrats, you're almost a meme

    17. zegloff 87 months ago | reply

      Howdy Jason!

      Thanks for posting your photographs on flikr Creative Commons. I loved this picture of the credit card statement, and I used it in a blog post entitled, Feeling Blue? Try the Turbo Rambo Appreciation Assault!

      The link to the post with your photo is here:

      Thanks again. I really appreciate you sharing your work!

      Cheers, Z Egloff

    18. nowo_81 65 months ago | reply

      Thank you for providing this image under creative common license:

    19. melanie.venhaus 54 months ago | reply

      Hello! Thanks for uploading this snapshot under creative commons licensing. We were able to used it on our article comparing debit and credit cards.

      I hope the vacation was well worth the bill!

    20. captain_cassidy 45 months ago | reply

      Hi! Hilarious picture! I used it on a blog post but blacked out your digits and name. :) Hope that's okay... if not hit me up.

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