140 on the M1

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    "Women should NOT be allowed to drive" she said, "I drive like a man; thats OK",

    1. .Annna 73 months ago | reply

      No, I said

      "women should NOT be allowed to drive, at all, ever, under any circumstances."

      because that stupid chick in that stupid Vauxhall was swaying all over the place, had no concept of indicators and couldn't bring herself to drive any faster than about 25. That ought to be punishable. People like that should be pedestrianised at gunpoint.

      We did 160 when you weren't looking, by the way, but the roads are rubbish so I didn't want to push my luck as I haven't got the fast tyres on the car at the moment.

      And I have an excuse, one of my relatives holds a world speed record, so I get to say "it's in the family".

    2. xJason.Rogersx 73 months ago | reply

      ha ha. I did see us hit 160 but I didn't get a photo but I did update my facebook status.

    3. xJason.Rogersx 73 months ago | reply

      oh I missed a word. - NOT

    4. Fauxaddress - Edward 73 months ago | reply

      "pedestrianised" I like that. You should try driving in Beverly Hills... EVERYONE thinks they own the road and all others should get out of their way. This includes those who have been pedestrianised.

    5. .Annna 73 months ago | reply

      yeah well.... *grumble* ...true though!

      *grumble grumble*

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