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Criminal minds... | by RєRє
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Criminal minds...



Back at the Veggie Police HQ, Inspector Moussaka is rounding up all the suspects.


He's also patiently trying to help the fragile and sweet-natured Mrs. Brinjal to point out which one of those troublemaker tried to stole her little bag of organic fertilizer that she was caring back to her newborn grandplant.


It's all very confusing in her head, and the fridge was so very dark when it all happened... however, Inspector Moussaka, with a background of weeks of experience in the field and in the fridge, is adamant to once again bring justice to the veggie world...


In front of him, the three suspects try to look their best. As if they have been just recently harvested from the soil...


'Rat' Atouille is an aubergine from the Provence region in France who is well known in the veggie underground world. He was busted and arrested while trying to illegally enter the local fridge with a bunch of tomatooligans. 'Rat' is a very rustic, cold and tough veggie. And in his natural condition contains enough chemicals to cause a somewhat serious digestive upset to whoever has the courage to really try to 'take a piece' of him.


Right by his side we have 'Baba' G. Anoush. The oldest of the suspects. A seasoned eggplant, who has seen it all, done it all. 'Baba' tries to claim that his shady past is definitely behind him. And while trying to convince you of that you may even see some tears falling down from his eyes. But you should always remember the deceptive nature of eggplants and the fact that they contain 92% water, and therefore can fake crying very easily.


And last but not least, we have 'Mel' Anzana. 'Mel' is a local eggplant who seems to look rather harmless and friendly, however you should be careful with all first impressions, since 'Mel' has a history of getting himself mixed up with all kinds of wrong salads and recipes...


Three suspects. Three possibilities. One of them is guilty. For sure. But who? And why?


With time, Moussaka will find out.


He always does.





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Taken on August 15, 2011