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Java Hippotatomus


Here we see a photo of a beautiful specimen of the rare Java Hippotatomus taken inside the Java Reserve located near the Kitchen Veggies Bay close to my refrigerator.


The skin of a Java Hippo is not just an attractive cover - it also helps them maintain their land and aquatic lifestyle. However, since they do not have a gland to help them regulate temperature, living in the shady refrigerators helps them stay cool, as well as their habit of daily heading to a coffee mud wallow for cooling baths.


Hippotatomus populations world wide have dropped drastically due to poaching and habitat loss. Poachers provide hippo meat for use as a substitute to yam in the preparation of certain recipes. The habitat is slowly shrinking in many parts of the world due to ever increasing human population.


Let this be a warning then... let's save the Java Hippos while we can!



Java swamp made of water and coffee on a clogged kitchen sink.


On the back, part of my lunch salad....


Eating can be fun, trust me. (...messy, but fun, nonetheless!)






***Prints available at RedBubble or Imagekind***

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Taken on September 7, 2010