Tosca al fresco...

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    Quick sketch I did before dinner. We have a favorite Italian place here south of us on a Spanish square. There are shops and restaurants, live music and, tonight, just happened to be Saturday night cruise night so all the classic metal was out to play. We had a GORGEOUS Impala parked near where we were sitting.

    The outdoor area had wonderfully comfy green wrought iron chairs, green marble top tables and ceiling fans. A plant lined railing separated us from the sidewalk below. I have a small video I made on my DX2 but have no clue how or if I can post it here...

    After dinner we went to the Kilwin's fudge & chocolates shop to pick up some goodies for my mother, grandmother and L; two white chocolate covered macadamia nut clusters (mom's fave but kiss o'death for me), two dark chocolate peanut butter turtley things, one chocolate covered candied (not dried) pineapple ring and my two little Jamaican (rum) Chocolate Truffles. :::dreamy sigh:::

    Grabbed a water at Starbuck's and some Madeliene's (my fave, saved the truffles for later) then headed over to pick up my girl from her grandmother's and go home.

    It was a wonderfully relaxing night... incredible food and wonderful company.

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    1. winglessangel383838 105 months ago | reply

      Such talent! Love your drawings and handwriting!

    2. renmeleon 105 months ago | reply

      Paris - I know, I want a set so bad. They have full sets online and they aren't that expensive. Might just get some. hehe

      wingless - Thank you! :) I was an architectural major and I am an illustrator of sorts so I didn't have much choice on the handwriting. I remember when I was in 7th grade though I had a teacher try to make me write right-handed and I fought it. Glad I did. People tell me I make them sick because they can read my handwriting from across the room. LOL :)

    3. 105 months ago | reply

      funny. that was the first thing I thought when I saw your work on flickr - architect's handwriting :-)

    4. vickys_blog 97 months ago | reply

      I like this idea. I love how you take one small place such as a resturant and turn it into a memory you'll keep forever.
      I am travelling to Italy next year. It will be the first time I go abroad and we arent going to stop for too long in one place so there will be a lot of travelling through Italy and a day or so at France. I will take this idea with me a small notebook so where I go can be a memory I can keep for ever. Thanks!!

    5. jesterhoax 95 months ago | reply

      This is really crazy. I cant believe someone else does this. I've got a moleskin i bought a year or so ago. infact i've got a few filled up now, and i use them to jot down notes, thoughts, and sketch things. Mostly people in cafes, and items i place in front of me....this is really strange indeed.

    6. renmeleon 95 months ago | reply

      Thank you all for the kind words. :) This remains one of my favorite pieces and I hope to do more. We have not been to Tosca in a while; they changed management and the food wasn't as good last time. They may have been having an off day but we have avoided going fearing it may be ruined for us. hehe Will give them one last try, maybe next week.

      vixz07 - Definitely take a couple of Moleskine (pocket) Reporters with you, they are a lot of fun. (which reminds me I need to scan more of my stuff) Looking forward to seeing your sketches and photos of your trip. Send me a postcard! hehe

      jesterhoax - LOL I carry mine everywhere. The guys were teasing me when we took a trip to Sea World recently for my daughter's birthday and I tucked my pocket Mole in my tummypack in a ziploc. I love spur of the moment doodles and you never know when inspiration will hit you so it is good to be prepared. Was looking through your photos (Everest was amazing I bet) but I didn't see any of your sketches. Let me know if you post any.

    7. Choollus 94 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Hand Writing, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

    8. Mifeng' 94 months ago | reply

      i love your drawing~
      moloskine seems very coool~

    9. insight5 [deleted] 91 months ago | reply

      love your handwriting :) love it !!

    10. l.traube 87 months ago | reply

      Ciao, sono amministratore di un gruppo chiamato Write me!. Ci farebbe piacere aggiungere le tuo foto al gruppo.

    11. king chai 86 months ago | reply

      Beautiful pensmanship and very well written!

    12. CScottRunx 83 months ago | reply

      you have great control of the pen. im jealous

    13. Parker Lewis Can't Lose 76 months ago | reply

      You are a very talented artist!

    14. ARAY VALENTINE PHOTO COMPANY 64 months ago | reply

      when I look at the sketch I can hear the sounds of the square and the voices in the evening . I love relating to other souls. thanks for the vibe.

    15. Axxolotl 63 months ago | reply

      I love your journal pages - I came across this picture by chance while looking for something completely different and I couldn't stop browsing through your journal set. I envy your creativity; your work is very inspiring!

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