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DS232 Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Topic: Create an optical illusion using "forced perspective" today. Make a distant object appear closer than it actually is.


So, difficulties were:


* having a full frame DSLR, not a cropped sensor one, or even better, a P&S :) Seriously, with a full frame body it's difficult to get a very wide DOF in handheld situations.

* so, the solution was to go wide-angle (which increases the DOF) and small aperture (which does the same). A consequence was that I need ~3200 iso. Wide angle required the scene to be relatively deserted. I don't have a desert nearby, so I chose an empty road :).

* while longer focal lengths will greatly compress the image and help with forced perspective, they require the closer of the two subjects to be further away from the camera to still be in focus--this may not always be possible--consider the size ratio between the two subjects, or even physical limitations--you can only stretch your hand this far. This is the reason why I advised wide angle shots--they don't compress the scene, but they provide wider DOF.

* as the aperture for these shots needs to be small, you either require a lot of light (noon!) or high iso.


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Taken on July 5, 2010