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Day seventy three | Innocence.

You only have one chance to live.


So, I've been tagged by many people! :O I am so sorry, I just noticed it now -- please don't come to my house and murder me haha.


Okay, so here are my 11 facts:


1. I'm really in need of money to buy this wide-angle lens. But I'm still not allowed to have a part-time job. fffu.

2. I'm addicted to these Tumblr memes like: Y U NO GUY and the 'forever alone' dude. :D

2. I am so bored right now.

4. Whenever I fall down, I always end up hitting my bottom first -- never my face or any other parts of my body. wut?

5. I bet you didn't notice that I repeated no. 2 twice.

6. I know you are feeling trolled now.

7. Since I have a small body, people have mistaken me as a 7th grader. Some even thought I was a 6th grader! WHAT.

8. No, really, I do have a tiny body and I'm short. Even my friends call me shorty FUU.

9. My mom is cool and all, but sometimes she can be ten thousand times more annoying on Sundays I dunno why. My observation. o_o

10. On monday I wore these new shoes I bought last week. I never thought that they would hurt my feet so BAD! I now have a swollen ankle. :|

11. OH, and Flickr told me that when I reach my 200th photo, I will have to upgrade to Pro! WTF nobody told me about this LOL. (that's why I deleted a lot of pics).


That's it! I'm gonna tag peopleeee.

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Taken on October 6, 2010