Alumni/Active Work Day
April 21, 2007 - Alumni/Active Work Day at 630 W. 5th Street
Chris Boden wrote:


I just got back from out first Alumni/Active work weekend and all I can say!!! Of course, I've had a few Sierra Nevada's, a couple b-loads, but I wanted to send out an email while the feeling is still fresh...and if you haven't had a Sierra Nevada Crystal Wheat you're missing out...Delicious ;)

The active chapter stepped up more than I ever thought possible. There were over 40+ active brothers in force. The best thing, when I say there were 40+ bros in force, every single one of them was there wanting to do extend the helping hand. If one didn't have anything to do, they would ask what project could they work on. They actually took initiative and found projects to take on. At one point, one brother pushed me aside because he wanted to work.

We completed 90% of demo in the cottage (the only reason we couldn't complete was because the dumpster was full), the entire interior of the house and kitchen was repainted, and the front yard was overhauled. I've been involved with the fraternity for over 11 years and today was one of
the biggest days we've experienced in a long time.

I have to extend snaps to the Alumni bros that showed up to help out:

Eric Sodeno
Hudson Tree
Paul Weinrauch
John Ditter
Phil Boden
Jeremy Reither

Much props goes to Willie Shoffner for spearheading the day and getting everything done. If it wasn't for him NOTHING would have been

I can only hope that the next Alumni Work Weekend we'll have 10 times as many Alumni so you can see for your self the great things that are happening. If you can't make it up physically, keep the donations coming! Snaps also goes to Peter Smith for staying focused on the front benches even after it started to down pour.

Every Bro that donated in the past week will be proud to know that the
money went to good use and was well spent. The house looks 1000 times better than it did yesterday and it's going to look better every single day. We'll be posting before and after picture's within the next few days.

I joined the Alumni Board because of the unforgettable memories and the great friendships because of 630 W. 5th Street. I wanted to make sure that for years to come bros have the same opportunity I did. I couldn't sit back and watch the house fall apart. Today was a big step for our chapter and I have a reborn pride in our house and excited to see what great things are to come.

I hope everyone will make it to the 25th Anniversary in November. Some of the best times of my life we're spent watching the 5 & I channel. I hope that you'll take a night, a few moments to relive and remember those times.

Let's keep the momentum going,
Chris Boden

Hudson Tree Wrote:
Hello Everyone-

I wanted to follow up on Boden's email from my point of view and expectations.

Last week, after a few beers, I had commited to Boden that I could "Supervise" the work weekend.

I have been pretty much MIA and out of the loop with the Fraternity Operations, House, etc. I, like a bunch of you, felt that I had really moved on and the return for the any mount of effort put in to it just wasn't worth it anymore given how busy I am in the real world.

Like most of you, I KNEW that I was going to go up there, spend 3/4 of the day trying to figure out what to get done, how we were going to do it, and the wrong supplies to needed to do it. Then after a couple of hours screwing around we (the Alumni) would start a bunch projects that wouldn't get finished until started over the next work weekend.

The Active Chapter wouldn't really show and the ones who did would be too stoned or drunk to be much help at all. Again KNOWING all this, when Boden called me 7am on Saturday and it was pouring rain, I was thinking of how I could get out of going with as little grief from him as possible. However if you know
Boden, he wasn't going to let me out of it, Bastard!. You can understand that my expectations were extremely low and I was, to use a great phrase you can understand, "Tampy as Hell!" about going and when we got there.

Soon as we pulled up to the house I realized my expectations could not
have been more wrong. By the time we got there (about 10am) the Active Chapter had taken care of about half the cottage tear down, a considerable amount of landscaping in the front yard, and patching the walls. I think that you understand my surprise at the level of actual productive activity that was going on. You really had to be there to appreciate what was accomplished in a 10 hour period.

And while the Alumni board deserves some recognition,
it really was the active chapter who deserves a majority of the credit. I
can honestly say the attendance, participation, and enthusiasm by the active chapter was unlike anything that I had seen as either an Active or Alumni.

Alright, this has been way longer then it needed it to be. My point is to give things from a Brother who didn't really care (for lack of a better word) anymore. I hadn't been to Chico for some time stepped foot in the house for years, the past few times I was there I didn't even bother to go or drive by the house. If I wasn't sure that Boden was going to show up to my house and drag me out of bed to go, I wouldn't have gone and been happy for it. While I am still bitter at Reither and Boden that I wasn't able to just "Supervise" as they had promised and actually ended working my ass off, I can honestly say that I had a great time and it was far from a wasted Saturday, if I had just stayed home, I wouldn't have had felt the sense of accomplishment that I did Sunday.

Hudson Tree
Spring 96
Eta Omega Name "Short Gay Hippy"


Jeremy Reither wrote:

Boden & Hudson put it well in their notes to the OX List. I'm honestly
glad I rallied for the work day. The active chapter showed up in force - never seen anything like it. The chapter is young and they took the day seriously, and busted their butts. Their attitudes made it worth the while.

We hung a bunch of sheetrock, patched holes, painted the chapter room, demolished the cottage, filled both a 40-foot and a standard dumpster, and one group re-built the long bench in the front yard.

A bunch of us topped it off with a steak dinner at the 5th Street Steak House.
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