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Albarracín (XVI) (NO HDR) | by Jose Luis Mieza Photography
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Albarracín (XVI) (NO HDR)


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Located on a hill Universales Mountains, is the medieval city sits on the isthmus and the peninsula formed by the river Guadalaviar. It is surrounded on its four-fifths of a deep pit that makes defensive moat, complemented by the imposing walls of belt leading to the castle of the walkway.

Has abundant monuments as the Church of Santa Maria, Cathedral, Palacio Episcopal, some noble mansions, among which that of Monterde, and a peculiar architectural style dominated the Julianeta house, the house of the street Azagra, the square of the Community and small and evocative Square.

But the charm of Albarracín is primarily in the layout of its streets adapted to the difficult topography of the ground, stairs and passageways and into the walls of his village of irregular reddish, half-timbered, in a difficult balance, with eaves that are played. A distinctive feature of the city of Albarracín respect to the peoples of the Sierra is the abundant use of structures with half-timbered and plaster tabicones that confers red color to the set. The cast material is typical in Albarracin, more even than the stone. The architecture of wood and plaster is lighter than the stone, which reduces the volume of materials used, and if the city saves the cost of the work by the difficulty of access for them to it.

Every corner, every house, is the subject of admiration for their doors and calling (iron doorknobs mimicking a fantastic little dragon), their tiny windows with lace curtains, its running balconies of wrought iron and rich in carved wood, ... The main monument Albarracín is the city itself, with its aristocratic and popular taste, reflecting its history and the good of its people.

The city of Albarracín is located 1171 meters above sea level altitude weather condition, which may fall within the Mediterranean mountains, with certain continental, with average annual temperature of 11 ° and the rainfall of 480 mm. Climate and altitude are subject to its vegetation, and the juniper albar the climax species. Beside it several varieties of pine and holm oaks and degraded. Beautiful is the landscape of Rodeno, hiring its red color with the green of the pines. Limestones are famous for their content of fossils of the Jurassic.

Nature has been generous in the Sierra de Albarracín, may find it a great diversity of ecosystems. Canyons, deep ravines cut cliffs, craggy rock, parameros, valleys, gentle meadows, forests ... a great richness of flora (pine-albar, laricio, pinaster, junipers, hollies, oaks, gall oaks ...) and wildlife (deer, roe deer, wild boar, wild cat, squirrel, ..., migratory birds, raptors and other high-value species).

In the mountains there are also sources, springs, lakes and rivers of births, such as the Tajo, Guadalaviar, Cabriel and other minor river shapes pools, ponds, waterfalls .... All this coupled with the fresh clean air and we breathe and the spectacle offered by the real sky at night, make a journey through these beautiful and tranquil spots to stop for the traveler an unforgettable memory.

The rainy weather favors the spread in the autumn, a large variety of mushrooms, season to become a real paradise for mycologists, provided they obtain the permission of forest officials.

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Taken on April 27, 2009