Annotated Sagittal T1 Midline MRI Scan of Reigh's Brain

The same shot as the previous one in my photostream, except this one is labelled using Flickr notes. If you can't see them click on the photo to make sure you are on its individual page and then hover your mouse over the image for a bit.


For those misguided people who are 'doctoring' themselves...a note on variation. The gross physical structure of each brain can be strikingly different between people - while still being quite normal! Don't be at all concerned if the gyri and sulci (the ridges and grooves of the folds of the surface) don't match yours, or if the size of my thalamus and the shape of my corpus callosum are different from yours.


In order to show some details about what you are looking at here I inserted labels using The GIMP, a photo manipulation program!

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Uploaded on August 25, 2009