Reid Signs was a primary builder and installer of interior signage packages for Old Navy. Beginning with the Flagship store in Downtown Seattle and continuing to every store in Western Washington. During plan review, Reid Signs spotted early on, a specification in the master plans which would result in a long term failure and very expensive re-work later. REID was asked to develop and write specs to correct the bad spec and was executed successfully in every Old Navy store in the country.Reid Signs was one of the first to recognize and develop the possibilities of lenticular imaging nearly 20 years ago and presented useable concepts to Old Navy, and Starbucks 4 years before they found it themselves. Both companies could not see the potential at the time and rejected the idea. Old Navy later went on to develop the worlds largest lenticular image which garnered national attention. Starbucks also uses lenticular images in stores around the world. We're often ahead of the curve, but that one was ridiculous!
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