Liberators on film
The Nijmegen Regional Archives earlier acquired a collection of 684 pictures of Allied soldiers who were involved in the liberation of Nijmegen in World War II or who were stationed at Nijmegen afterwards. The collection was donated in 2000 by ‘Foto Verweij’, a photography shop in Nijmegen. The photos were taken following Operation Market Garden, at the end of 1944 and in the beginning of 1945, when Nijmegen was a frontline city. Visit the wiki-page on Liberators on Film for more information.

From May 2012 onwards, all photos are accessible on the Flickr-page of Regionaal Archief Nijmegen. Everyone is free to add comments and additional information. If you recognize or have any information about one of the unknown soldiers, please leave a comment at the photo page in question.

If you should object to the publication of a picture, please let us know (don’t forget to mention the number of the photo in question):

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