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Red Hot - Retouch Comparison

Had the privilege to photograph Yolanda recently. She was so obliging in my quest to master the poses I learned while watching the second installment of Sue Bryce on CreativeLIVE. Like I've moaned about before, those poses ain't easy!


I went about it very methodically this time. I made screenshots of all the poses while watching the workshop and then printed them out. I made notes on each sheet and grouped them together according to the type of pose. I labeled each group with the correct height of the light I was using, a 5' octabox. I highlighted this, as I usually forget to raise and lower the light according to the pose... not this time! Then, we went through the poses in this order: sitting on barstool, sitting on ottoman, sitting on floor with hands resting on ottoman (from behind), sitting on floor in front of ottoman, sitting on floor on the side of the ottoman, laying on top of the ottoman and lastly, standing. Yolanda's sister, Sonya was a huge help with the fan. Sue Bryce is a huge advocate of using the fan, and I can see why. An extra set of hands becomes a necessity, however. Thank goodness for Sonya!


All in all, things went very smoothly and perfectly according to my plan. All the preparation paid off. I can't wait till the day when I have it all memorized! Not sure if that day will ever come, but one can dream, can't they?


I must say that the CreativeLIVE Sue Bryce workshops (BOTH of them) are totally worth $149.00 each. I have learned SO much. Indebted to Sue for so generously sharing her knowledge and CL for making it happen.


In case you're wondering... that really IS Yolanda's hair color!


Lighting Info:

- 5' octabox camera left at aprox. a 45 degree angle

- White V-flat camera right for fill

- White seamless background


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Taken on September 9, 2012