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12 * * * the road to candy haven is paved with Salmiakki | by äRRä
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12 * * * the road to candy haven is paved with Salmiakki

December 13th

For all my friends abroad, to ease the home sickness, here's a big dose of SALMIAKKI! (Superia vieläpä!:) And to all those of you who haven't had the great opportunity to taste this Finnish/Scandinavian delicacy.. I hope you will one day!


St.Lucia's day is a salmiakki day in my candy calendaR!

(please, do not confuse salmiakki with liquorice even if the English name is "salty liquorice". Read more below!:)


12 days to Christmas!



A clip of info from Wikipedia:


Salmiakki (Finnish)

salmiak (Danish, Swedish)

salmiakk (Norwegian)

salmiak (zout) (Dutch)


"is a salty confectionery that is popular in Northern Germany and the Nordic countries. Its main ingredients are licorice root and ammonium chloride (NH4Cl.). Many agree that it is an acquired taste and is generally loathed outside of Europe in a similar manner that Marmite is loathed outside of the United Kingdom.


Only candies containing NH4Cl as one of the main ingredients can be called salmiakki; salty licorice candy without ammonium chloride is called lakritsi in Finnish, lakrits in Swedish and lakrids in Norwegian and Danish or zoute drop in Dutch. Although salmiakki candy resembles salty black liquorice in colour, it is flavoured with the salt ammonium chloride and often also mixed with liquorice. The word salmiak(ki) comes from the old Latin name for ammonium chloride, sal ammoniac.


Name Salmiakki was once a trade name of Fazer, but became quickly a genericized trademark not unlike nylon. Finnish chemical engineers refer also industrial ammonium chloride as salmiakki."

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Taken on December 13, 2006