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AJ *i don't love you anymore* Kylee Epp Promo Shot franziska's rainbow eyes Pete Cashmore *Runaway* *i found you* *beauty* *eyes wide shut* *Catch me if you can* Innocent Beauty Stephanie *Masseni* Rockin' Bella Pete Cashmore Beautiful Taravat Katherine Nicole's Baby Blues Jay McInnes: Realtor Headshot Stunning Shauna

i love capturing candid moments in portraits. moments when people reveal their real character, smile, laugh, act silly. that is true beauty.

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Ghoster1956 [deleted] says:

And you are closest to God when you experience true beauty.
Posted 108 months ago. ( permalink )

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Falk Bayer says:

Posted 107 months ago. ( permalink )

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Roberto_P says:

You have a great potrait album... I like how close you're from your subject. Congratulations!
Posted 99 months ago. ( permalink )

dave_in_t_o [deleted] says:

stunning work...truly inspiring...
Posted 95 months ago. ( permalink )

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NasimNaghibi says:

wonderful...nice portrait
Posted 94 months ago. ( permalink )

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Christiaan Rijnhart says:

I really had no idea on which photo to comment so I thought this would be the perfect place.

What got my attention when going through your portraits set was that in most photos you can see light coming from behind the model. I always thought like 'ooh you cant really do that because that will give awkward results'
but gosh, your set have just shown me the opposite, great inspiration! ; D
Posted 91 months ago. ( permalink )

view profile ( says:

This whole set is amazing!! I need more time to go though them all.
Posted 81 months ago. ( permalink )

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iCatchLight says:

Great body of work! I especially like your handling of the eyes. Great job.
Posted 78 months ago. ( permalink )

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