Here are some bikes we have done recently - to give you a taster of what we do .

Mainly Streettrackers , cafe racers, streetscramblers , Bratstyle and Bobbers........
But we're open to persuasion !

I've put in just 3 pics of each bike , so as to not complicate things .

We can build similar bikes for you , although we like everyone to be different and the customer to have plenty of input into the final finish .

Our bikes are'nt £20k things you can't use - complete builds are always less than half that !
Starting at £1500 labour-up to around £6000or so for a long ground up build .
(plus parts n paint )

Each of these bikes has it's own set of pics - here on Flickr , so you can see what work and parts has gone into it .

Phone us at REDMAX if you would like us to build one with you !

We also have slow burn projects going on in the background - you could join in with one of these and save on build time and choose the finish / paint etc .....

Or call into the shop sometime - the kettle is on !


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