My 1992 Ducati 888 Corsa was a Oxford products race bike ,
I have researched the history of this bike and the Oxford products team ....

So -
ridden by T Nation in 92 on the IOM TT and in BSB (supercup then ),WSB and in 93 , the TT and NW200 , BSB , WSB , by Robert Dunlop , and then shared around on the UK short circuits by the likes of Mc Williams , Emmet , Borley etc etc .
Hislop rode for Oxford on the 888 corsa at Daytona with a good result too !
Was given by Oxford for 94 to Ray Stringer at Devimead as part of a sponsorship deal and as a sister bike to Hislop's new 916 corsa and ridden by Ray Stringer .
Bought by me from Devimead in 95 and drag raced / sprinted and later road racer in the Supertwins UK series into the 2000's .
So this bike , unusually has a continuous and traceable history .

The bike is featured in the TT videos , 92/93 and NW 200 videos 93 , and BSB 92/93/94 .

I've had her since 1995 , lots of fun !


Oxford products888 ducati Corsa 1992 .
Bought via Steve Wynn at great expense..... @ £30K plus spares package ,
1992 bsb mcn supercup
Trevor Nation Championship Result - 13th - 28pts (no 8)
7th & 8th at Snettterton
Brands shoot out meeting 7th

1992 Wsb Nation entry donnington on dunlop tyres no 37 . Qual 28th
21st 1st race RTD 2nd race

1992 IOM TT senior - dnf
1992 IOM F1 TT - 8th , 114mph race ave Both T Nation.

Trevs Last race for Oxford team Snetterton...

McWilliams took over at end of 92 on it after Nation moaned about it , and went fast immidiately -
92 'Day of Champions', would have been November time. I remember him racing with Michael Rutter, one was a Battle of the Twins race, another just an Open class race. I think, almost def........he won both.!!
Also, at Donington........they ran a round of the German SBK championship at August bank holiday. He was leading and the wind caught him on the run up to Coppice and blew him off the track. Seems he was a bit of a featherweight when he first rode the big bike !

1992 for end of season J McWilliams rider
BSB Silverstone / Donnington ? German SBK round at Donny ?
Open class race and BOTT wins .
Mallory, mcwilliams 8,9th (no 10)
Silverstone McWilliams beat Foggy!

So August bank holliday meeting Donington Park , Greman SBK round ? McWilliams crashes hard ....

1992 Sept Brands superbike races , Sean Emmet rode it for a Fast Bikes mag feature (shown here ...)
Going very well , Big end failure DNF.

1993 March , Daytona 200 races Florida USA , Steve Hislop rider , #108 qualified 19th , can see the white duke on the video of race ... runs very well 5th place for a good while until nearly crashing on loose fairing , returned to race in 26th place finish .
OR .... Finally found qualifying and race results in Cycle world 1993 march 17th edition weekly mag !
SO .....
Qualifying time listed as 1;56.254 in 19th position.
Arai twin 50 qualifying race no 1 finished 8th .
1993 daytona 200 race
Hislop finished 26th.


NW200 Rob dunlop
2nd both races ( to Foggy )

1993 IOM. Rob Dunlop
TT senior and F1 - 2xDNF's

Mark farmer runs fastest lap on oxford 888 and was batling it out with Dunlop 888 when pitted with rear sprock problem .
Dunlop out of fuel in pits , then pulls out (whilst leading ) unfit to continue on the big bike after his injuries last year .....

1993 BSB Heat supercup , R Dunlop entered as No 3 , Oxford prod 888.
Phil Borley no 28
J Mc Williams no 47 7th brands oct
G Ritchie no 49

1993 WSB R Dunlop donnington , no 71 , Retired both races.

Poss 1993 Ulster GP Dundrod Sbk class .... R Dunlop 119.30 lap , leads race till 6th lap , bike cut out . then 6th in Senior race .

1993 WSB Brands Hatch
R dunlop no 71 , on dunlop tyres
Qual 22nd , race 1 RTD @ 4 laps , race 2 RTD @ 2 laps .

93 WSB Donnington round , oxford products 888 bikes ,
Hislop no 51,Q 11 ,R1-12th ,R2-DNS
Moodie no 59,Q 8,R1crash,R2DNS
Mcwilliams no 61, Q 14,R1- 10th , R2- RT lap4

1994 Oxford Ducati 888 / 955 , Ray stringer ( leaves Medd racing)
Bsb supercup tt champship , 11th placed - 106 points.

1994 WSB stringer no 45, Q 34 , R1- 19th , R2-RTD lap12
Euro round - Donnington.

95 as Devimead/wagon finance 955
1995 WSB Donnington stringer
no 57, Q23, R1-crash lap 11, R2-DNS
1995 WSB Brands stringer no 71
Q 22, R1-DNS ,R2- DNS.
1995 april , mallory race of the year .

1995 Shell advance British superbikes -
entered as team Devimead racing , Ducati 955 , Ray stringer, No 17 ,
finished 5th with 55 pts.
1995 Shell advance international superbike trophy
Stringer 5th 31 pts ducati
Team with Steve Hislop (916) who won championship and walker as spare rider !
Stringer did change to 916sp in year

Sept 95 Bishops town races , devimead team hislop/ Stringer .

Ray Stringer says -
Hi there. Devimead was one of my sponsors in 94. Alec Hammond from:oxford products helped me a lot when I fell out with the Med team on the rc45 which I could not get on with. Alec gave me what was basically all 3 888s in bits. I build one good one out of all the spares and raised it in my own team for the rest of 94. Devimead made put a 916 based team together for 95 with me and hizzy. The 888 was used last by me at Mallory race of the year in April 95 and then swapped on to the 916 4 round 1 of the Super Cup Championship. I never did like 916 as much to ride as the 888. Devimead made me sell it as part of my sponsorship on the 916 !

Thanks Ray for that via facebook !

Next i tracked down Ray Gower on FB .... here's what he had to say -

Ray Gower
I worked with Trevor for 10 years from club racing to Norton Rotary that's when I stopped. I got dragged back into the racing when Trev couldn't get the 888 to go any sense and Alec had sunk bucket load of money into it and supplied Ducati mechanics. I went to the TT with Trev just to try and lift his spirits but they had team of guys from Italy working so I just helped with drinking bike went through trap at 157 mph needless to say he did rubbish on it.

I was asked to help when he and Foggy parked them at Snet I hoped to change Trev's mind but he was adamant the bike was a pig and didn't want to ride it I had promised Alec that if he let me try I would look after it for anyone if Trev wouldn't it was going to Steve Wynne at Sports if I didn't.

That's how I ended up working with Jeremy we were on way to battle of twins round at Cadwell to lift team spirits and called in at Donnington to look at The much celebrated Duke of Edwin Wiebel that allegedly had 150 hp and 135 kg we had same but ours was 135hp and 150kg upshot Jeremy managed to get entry in German superbike and proceeded to blow them out of water in qualifying naffed the starts and binned it in both races.

The Engines are dead basic desmo cams are no way as scary as people make out all the fix was in the remappable fuel with hand held unit that I still have the factory used to switch chips to vary mapping but Australian guy developed an add on for the brain that allowed re mapping. (FIM machine that i have , Steve)

If the bike you have retains some of the bits from the original 888's then you could have the one that Trev used or you could have the one that Foggy won at Donnington on because I worked for him in Malaysia on with PETRONAS then bought all the bike gear when he stopped riding for them and brought it back to the UK if notice red wheels they were Foggy's.

( Steve's note - Foggies bike was also for sale at Devimead , got some later info on it when it was sold later on ebay .... mine was bought as ex T Nation from Devimead , still got the MCN advert ....)

You could also have the one that I built with trick engine for Hissy to ride at Daytona where he blew passed the Fast by Ferracci bikes of Miguel du hamel and Raymond Roche you may find some pictures with Rapid by Ray sticker on screen that's a wind up for Feracci.

It was the result in Daytona that made Alec do another season that year bikes were great Robert was not we put 3 in top 11 in qualifying for Donnington WSB with Jeremy,Hissy and Jime Moodie Moodie made front cover of MSN big pile up at Melbourne that red flagged the race so could be one of them.

List of people that rode. Jeremy, Hissy, Robert, Phill Borley, Gavin Lee (TT practice broke leg on 250)bike then used by Mark Farmer who did a 117 standing start lap first go against previous best of 113 Gavin rode bike at Macau also, Sean Emmet did one meeting at Brands for an article in Fast bikes, Jim Moodie only Donnington.

Norman white made us a copy chassis as the so called trick Ducati ones are like plumbers conduit used aircraft grade steel lighter stronger stopped the front end chatter.The trick to longjevity of cases not cracking is get the crank balanced by good balancer that does it with all associated bits fitted had cases that had done 1500 miles.

Best bits were Daytona and going through trap at Northwest at 187 against foggy factory bike at 184
If you want to know any specifics give me a shout !

I asked Ray if he was in any of my pics .....

I am the one putting fuel in Roberts bike at TT the guy at the back wheel is Sean perrot I am still in touch with him the picture you have tagged as Emmet is I think Mark farmer
The red chassis and wheels were foggy's Robert trashed one at Oulton weekend before ulster grandprix got the foggy stuff collected from airport and re built one on way to Ireland.

Daytona -
Hizzy was running in 5 th racing with du hamel and Aaron slight when front fairing bracket broke on the banking flat knacker fairing slid under back wheel - huge moment came in ,gaffer tapped nose cone on went back out finished about 15th I think it scared shit out of slighty as he was drafting him at time !

Cheers Ray .

At the end of the BSB season about sept , i bought the bike from Devimead race team direct (from their Mechanic Steve Green), as they looked to be winding up , PX'd my trusty 851 Tricolour in .

I looked at several 888 race bikes inc one of Foggy's , but this was the only 955 spec up to date bike , having come straight from the track !

Stringer developed the bike as far as it could go , and boy did it go !

No funds for road racing , i added a long swing arm and went drag racing .

I rode to most of the meetings to start off with (devimead registered the bike to help it sell ) raced it - and rode home again !

seems crazy now , but that was my whole budget back then .

And when she broke a belt (later found to be caused by a leak in the Carbon tank) i had to learn to re-shim myself after getting sky high quotes

and realising most dealers could'nt handle it .... That's how i became a Ducati mechanic , pretty soon employed by a major Ducati importer !

1995 MCN STREETBIKE DRAG RACE CHAMPIONSHIP WINNER (started season on 851 Tricolour)

Class winner S Hillary Supertwins Drag racing Champion , HT automotive 888/955 Ducati
1997 Same
1998 Same
1999 Same


97,98,99,2000 - CLASS WINNER BRIGHTON SPEED TRIALS (inc a 3rd overall against the supercharged/nitro Jap bikes!)

Late 90's early 2000's Club racing (S Hillary rider) SUPERTWINS Best 7th in Championship .

The old girl was finally retired when i built a 150 rwhp 996 race bike (1026cc) to road race , and the 888 Corsa Primary gear stripped two teeth at a meeting !

Today i am sympathetically reconditioning her , and changing back to the Oxford colours of her TT hayday , with out removing those scars she hard earnt along the way !

Lastly a mag feature from when me n Shari drag raced the two dukes !
(spot the long swingarm )

Update , Bike is now back in oxford colours , see pics at bottom .

Taken in a photoshoot for Classic racer magazine at the Truxton circuit in Hampshire where it saw action in BSB !

And some more pics of Rob Dunlop sitting on it for pic for fans , plus some video footage of NW200 93 race .....

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